Why Am I In Payne? (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

Alice. Seems like a normal name for a normal girl. But Alice can only dream of a normal life. She is homeless, and has been living on the street since she was eleven.
She gets hit by a car in order to save another life. But whose life? Liam Payne. Of One Direction.


15. 'Semply Wonderful', Absolutely Incredible

THE TITLE IS NOT SPELLED WRONG! Read on to see why ;)

Ummm... can you read the whole Authors Note again guys? Sorry, important stuff in there :p


Alice's POV




'I hid them. I figured you would want to wear them, but they don't suit that kind of dress.'


I growled to myself. That boy is the bane of my life. I do love him though.


Just then Eleanor and Perrie walked in.


'You look so good!' they squealed. I smiled at them.


'Thanks! You guys look great too. I'm just not sure about this dress...'


'It looks great, don't worry.'


I had gotten to know Eleanor and Perrie over the last few days. Eleanor was like the girl version of Louis. They were constantly sassing each other, it was hilarious. Perrie was outgoing too, but she was more reserved than Eleanor. We got on really well.


'Let us do your makeup,' Eleanor instructed before sitting me down. Perrie got started on my hair.


*                       *                           *


They finally finished. I got really freaked out when Eleanor attacked my eye with a pencil, but once she explained it it was fine. I had what I think was called a 'smokey eye', pale pink lipstick, con...cealer? I don't know. Perrie put my hair in an 'Up Do' with a comb-clip thing holding it up that matched the colour of my hair.


I looked in the mirror. I was quite doubtful of whether I looked weird or not, but Eleanor and Perrie were gushing over how 'amazing I looked,' so I decided to trust them.


'Liam's gonna be all over you,' Perrie said grinning.


'Liam?' I questioned, looking at her. Eleanor rolled her eyes.


'God, how oblivious are you? Liam likes you!'




'Do you like him?' Perrie asked.


'Of course. I like all of them,' I answered, purposely avoiding the question.


'No, do you like like Liam?' Perrie persisted.


'Umm...' I was unsure of what to say.


'AAAH! That means you like him!' Eleanor squealed. I covered her mouth.


'Shut UP Eleanor,' I hissed.


'Alright fine, let's go downstairs.'


'Oh, by the way, we have a custom. Every time we, the girlfriends, get ready all together, we come downstairs one at a time,' Perrie said.


'But I'm not a girlfriend,' I said confused.


'But you will be soon.' Eleanor wiggled get eyebrows at me.


'Me first!' Perrie squealed.


'Me next!' Eleanor pushed past me. I sighed.


'Guess I'm going last,' I muttered.


Perrie descended the stairs, and Eleanor and I looked through the banister to see what happened.


Zayn smiled and reached for her hand. 'You look stunning,' he said to her, kissing her cheek..


'Aww!' El and I whispered.


Then El jumped up from our crouched position and walked down the stairs.


Lou went ip to her and slid his arm round her waist. 'You look mighty fine tonight, my beaut,' he said, pecking her on the lips.


I slowly walked down the stairs in my heels. When I was in eyesight, I saw Liam, Niall and Harry gasp, Lou looked at me with a smug expression, whilst Zayn was too focused on Perrie to notice me. Aww! He's so cute.


Louis whistled. 'You look se-' El cleared her throat.


'...semply wonderful in that dress,' he finished.


'Semply?' El questioned.


'Oh, I just picking up on Niall's Irish accent.' Lou laughed nervously. I stood at the bottom in between Harry and Liam.


'You look beautiful, bubs,' Harry whispered in my ear.


'Thank you,' I said. Liam took my hand as we walked to the car.


'You know, you look absolutely incredible,' he said softly, making me blush.


'Thank you,' I managed to breathe out as I followed him into the car.


Hey, guys.

I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry that I haven't updated in so long. I feel like I should say it more than once. How long was I gone? Two months? Three??? I don't know, but its been ages, and I am soooooooooo sorry about Fate, if any of you guys read it. El and I got so confused about who was updating because we both wrote the last chapter. I'll update that soon.

I REALLY need your help, guys. I have a couple of things planned eg the club scene, Beyonce concert, and a couple of other things I can't tell you about ;) but thats it. Literally it. Comment any ideas that you want to happen, but before I forget, thank you thank you thank you thank you to Liam is my bro <3 for her amaxing idea and her support :) Love you x

Also comment if you ship Halice or Aliam. I've already decided who, but I want your opinion and who you think it is by where the story is going, so I know who to give more attention to... ;)

Love you all to bits :)

See you next time! Till then, eat carrots.

Love Avery xx


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