Why Am I In Payne? (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

Alice. Seems like a normal name for a normal girl. But Alice can only dream of a normal life. She is homeless, and has been living on the street since she was eleven.
She gets hit by a car in order to save another life. But whose life? Liam Payne. Of One Direction.


13. Monopoly: Ally vs Harry

Alice's POV


'So, since this is one of our few holidays, I want to do as much as possible to make the most of it,' Zayn said. 'So what should we do tomorrow?'


'It's Alice's birthday!' Liam, Harry and Louis said simultaneously, Liam responding to Zayn, Harry in realisation to himself, whilst Louis was just announcing it to the table.


'I don't want a big thing made out of it. Please.'


'But it's your eighteenth! That's the biggest one!' Louis said dramatically. I sighed.


'Alright, but NO PRESENTS. Got it?' The last thing I wanted was for them to spend even more money on me.


Everyone looked at each other, then nodded. Louis pouted a bit, but eventually agreed, after a sharp look from Liam. They silently ate for the rest of the meal, but were constantly passing notes around. I got a hold of one when no one was looking, and it said:


eepkre erhre pure llare ightnre osre ewre ancre ogre otre hetre allmre nire hetre orningmre hilewre hessre leepingsre.

(AN. It means 'Keep her up all night so we can go to the mall in the morning while she's sleeping' in Pig Latin, but she doesn't know what it means.         -Avery)


What the...?


Never mind. It's not any of my business anyway. I put the note back on the floor where I found it, and went upstairs to have a shower, after putting my plate in the dishwasher and thanking them again for the pasta. Just as I was about to go upstairs, Niall blocks my way.


'Where are YOU going?' God, he sounded like a policeman or something.


'Umm... To have a shower?'


'No you're not. We haven't had any time together yet, so let's hang out.'


I thought about it. It was true, I mostly hung out with Louis and Liam, at the hospital and here, and I am trying to avoid Harry as much as I can. I think I'll spend a bit of time with Niall and Zayn.


'Okay, but Zayn is joining us. I haven't really spent much time with either of you.'


Niall started grinning. 'Yay!' he said, and tackled me into a Horan hug. I felt a small pain in my ribcage, but didn't say anything, because making Niall sad was like kicking a puppy. Just then Zayn walked in.


'Niall, ribs,' he said to him, and Niall let go.


'Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't hurt you, did I?'


I smiled at him. 'Not at all.' He grinned again and I turned around and flashed a quick smile at Zayn. He winked back, saying he got the message.


'So what do you want to do?' I asked Niall and Zayn.




'Oh, right, sorry Zayn, basically, Ally said that we should hang out because we haven't really spent much time with her,' Niall explained quickly.




Niall looked down. 'Oh, I just thought I would give you a nickname, you know.'


'It's cute,' I said, smiling at him. 'So what should we do?'


'Well why don't we play Monopoly?' Zayn said.


'Sure, I love that game! I used to play it all the time with...' I faded out as I realised what I was about to say.


'Who?' Niall asked.


'Oh, just an old friend... I have to warn you though, I'm quite competitive when It comes to this game. I've never lost.'


Niall smirked at me. 'Well, we'll see about that, won't we?


*                       *                           *


'I can't believe you beat me!' he groaned throwing the piece back in the box. I laughed at his childish ways. Just then Harry walks in. His head snaps up from his phone. He looks at the board, and then at me. 'Monopoly?'


'Yeah,' Niall said, 'Ally's never lost.'


He chuckled. 'Yeah, I know. You used to kick my arse every Tuesday, didn't you?' he said to me.


'Yeah, you'd invite me round to your family game night.' I smiled softly at him.


Especially since my own family weren't the greatest.


'Well, then, how about a rematch?' he said grinning at me.


I grinned back. 'You're on.' I didn't care about anything right now. It felt like old times. It felt nice to have my best friend back.


*                       *                           *


It was a really tense game. We remembered all of each others tactics, so things got a bit heavy at one point when he took money out of the bank, like he always used to do after I would buy Mayfair. Since then, Niall and Zayn have had to umpire, and Liam and Louis were witnesses.


Right now, I had Park Lane and Mayfair with hotels on both, all of the greens with two houses each on them, and all of the oranges with 3 houses on them. I also had all four Stations.


But, Harry had the pink ones with three houses on each, the waterworks and electric works, all the yellow ones with hotels on them, and two of the reds.


The only red he didn't have was the Strand, and if he bought it, he would still have enough money to buy hotels on all of the reds, making that side of the board a complete death trap.


I had to buy the Strand. All I needed was a nine.


Trouble is, Harry needed a five. And it was his turn first. He took a deep breath and held the dice in his hand.


'COME ON BOOBEAR!' Louis screamed. I glared at him. 'Hey!' I said, frowning.


'Don't  worry, I'll cheer for you,' Liam said smiling at me.


'Thank you Leeyum,' I said childishly, leaning in and kissing him on the cheek. Woah, what possessed me to do that? I blushed and so did Liam.


Harry rolled.






'Oh thank god,' I rushed out. I held the dice in my hand and shook them around a bit.


'Woo, yeah, GO ALICE!' Liam cheered for me. I held my breath and rolled the dice.






'YESSSSSSS!' I screamed. I moved my dog to the Strand. 'Hmmm... Should I buy?' I said to tease Harry. 'Buy.' I handed the money to the banker (Zayn) and took the card.


'I'd like to propose a trade,' Harry said. 'The Strand for £500 and Waterworks.'


'You have got to be kidding me. Decline. But I will for £1600.' He pouted.


'But then I won't have enough for even one house!' he complained.


'Exactly,' I giggled. I don't know why I giggled. I think I just felt ten years old again.


'Okay, how about this: £700 but I will sell the hotels on the yellows and not buy any houses or hotels on them for the rest of the game. Deal?'


I thought about it. The no hotels things avoids the 'death trap' situation, but he'll get a lot of money by selling them off. '£900 and it's a deal.'


'Deal,' Harry said. I handed him the Strand and he sold the hotels off and paid me the £900.


*                       *                           *




We were both almost bankrupt. Harry had a bit more money than I did, but he was close to landing on Mayfair. Then he would have to forfeit, because he can't pay £2,000. He was 3 spaces away. An improbable roll, but not an impossible roll.


He rolled straight away, not too worried because he knew how unlikely it was.


11. Damn.


He moved his iron to the Chance space, and picked up a card. He immediately put it down again, with a very annoyed expression on his face.


Confused, I took the card and read it myself.




'I WIN! Oh yeah. Go me! Uh huh. Go Alice, it's your birthday, it's your birthday-' I stopped my celebratory dance. 'Ironic, because, you know, it's actually my birthday tomorrow.'


'Today, actually,' Liam said, showing me the time. Three in the morning. Woah. We stayed up that long?


'HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALICE!' they all screamed at me.


'Thanks guys! So now, I'm going to bed. Goodnight!'


'Night!' they all said back as I made my way up the stairs. No time for a shower. Too tired. I changed into my pyjamas and collapsed on my bed.


Liam walked in and saw me. He chuckled. 'Tired?'


'Mmmff,' I mumbled back in response. He tucked the covers over me and kissed my forehead. 'Goodnight Alice.'



'Goodnight Liam,' I said, before turning over in my bed and falling straight to sleep.



Hey guys!


I studied the Monopoly board quite hard for this chapter. I just hope you all play Monopoly as much as I do to understand the 'death trap' and 'roll 11' things. If you don't, well then, never mind.

Thanks for all the comments as usual guizzz, love you ALL <3

EXAM WEEK! We're all so nervous :p wish us luck!

I've kept up with the whole '4 word chapter titles'. You proud or what?

See you next time! Till then, eat carrots.

Love you lots,

Avery xxxx


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