Why Am I In Payne? (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

Alice. Seems like a normal name for a normal girl. But Alice can only dream of a normal life. She is homeless, and has been living on the street since she was eleven.
She gets hit by a car in order to save another life. But whose life? Liam Payne. Of One Direction.


11. Interrupting Our Lazy Day

I woke up feeling incredibly comfortable. That's different. I groggily turned around to face... Liam?! I jolted upwards and he turned to face me and smiled.

'Morning princess,' he said in a sleepy voice.

'Sorry for waking you. Just got a shock, that's all. You know, I'm in a bed.' He chuckled at my surprise.

'I hope you don't mind, but we have to share. The spare room flooded. Louis thought it would be hilarious to leave the taps on in the en suite bathroom. Then he went to the studio and forgot about them.' I laughed.

'What's the time?'

'About 9:30. We're on holiday at the moment, so we don't really need to get up anytime soon. So how about we have a lazy day, just us two. You know, stay in bed and watch movies all day.' I grinned at him.

'That sounds amazing. You'll have to pick the films though.' He smiled back at me and got out of bed towards the TV. He picked up two DVDs and put them behind his back.

'Left or right?'

I chuckled.  'Seriously?'


'Okay, umm... left.' He pulled out The Hunger Games. I had heard of Jennifer Lawrence because she was in the same newspaper as the boys, when I first met Liam. I smiled at the memory.  He put in the movie and came back. I snuggled into his chest as the opening credits rolled across the screen. He put his arm around me and we watched the story unfold on the screen.


    *                                                *                                                        *                                                    *                                                     *




So far, we had watched The Hunger Games, Grown Ups, Pitch Perfect, Kick Ass, and The Wolverine, then Louis came in, complaining he was hungry. Then he saw our position: I was currently still snuggled into his chest and his arm was still around me. Louis whistled at us.

'Am I interrupting something?' he said as he winked at us.

'Actually Lou, we were having a lazy day, so-' Liam started, but Louis interrupted him, of course.

'Oh, perfect! Now I can show you Mean Girls!'

'Maybe another day, Lou, me and Liam were going to...' I slowly faded out when I saw Lou pitting in the DVD, then jumped onto the bed right in between Liam and I. We sighed and pulled apart.


Thanks, Lou. Thanks a lot.




*                                            *                                               *                                   *                                          *                                        *




The bold key doesn't work on my iPod. I'm writing this on my iPod because I am on a skiing trip in Canada, then I'm going straight to Spain. Fun, but no often updates :( If El finishes her part of Fate? soon then I will add mine and update it, but she hasn't finished yet. Also I will be typing really slowly because I've sprained my wrist ice skating, then fell on it skiing. I'm actually writing this on the bus to the resort, so I'm trying really hard to get this updated. Hope you can bear with me, and sorry for ant typos. Thanks guys! See you next time! Till then, eat carrots (with your left hand in remembrance of my sprained right hand). Love you my carrots! Avery xxxx

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