Why Am I In Payne? (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

Alice. Seems like a normal name for a normal girl. But Alice can only dream of a normal life. She is homeless, and has been living on the street since she was eleven.
She gets hit by a car in order to save another life. But whose life? Liam Payne. Of One Direction.


14. 'I said NO GIFTS!'



'She looks so cute sleeping!'

'Let her wake up when she wants to.'

'But I can't wait any longer!'

'Neither can I. I'm hungry.'

'Lets pour water on her.'



What is going on here?


I slowly lifted my head up to reveal two impatient looks, one hungry one, a sympathetic smile and a mischievous grin.


'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!' they all screamed.


'Thanks guys. What's the time?'


'One in the afternoon.' No surprise, we stayed up till three last night.


'I'd better get up then.'


*                       *                           *


I slowly came downstairs, and saw them all crowded round the coffee table. Oh no. They didn't.


'No! I said NO GIFTS!'


They all turned to look at me. 'Sorry, we couldn't resist! Plus, it's your eighteenth, Plus plus, we got you the most awesomest gifts EVER!' Louis said happily. They were all looking hopefully at me.


'Alright, it's fine. Thanks guys, you're all so fetch.'


Louis laughed at my choice of wording whilst I came to the coffee table and chose a gift. It was a regular rectangle, with an envelope attached. I opened the envelope, and out fell... an iTunes gift card.


Zayn looked at my confused face, and laughed. 'Open the gift. You'll get it.' Aah. So it was Zayn's gift then. I tore the wrapping paper and inside was a...


'No. Way. You got me an iPhone?!'


'Well, yeah. You needed a phone, and there's a case too. Look.' I picked up the case and it had their faces on it. I chuckled. Of course.


'Thanks Zayn. You're going to have to help me set it up though.'


'Hahaha, I will.'


'MINE NEXT.' Niall said and shoved two wrapped boxes into my hands. I set one down and unwrapped the other.


'You got me an iPad?! What's next, a MacBook?' I looked around, and saw Liam lower his head a bit. 'Guys, thank you so much, I truly appreciate this, but these are such expensive presents.'


'But you deserve them all-' Liam started to say.


'So shut your face, suck it up and ENJOY THEIR AWESOMENESS!' Louis finished for him. I rolled my eyes at Louis and smiled at Liam. 'Thank you.'


Niall handed me his other one, and I opened it to find... a sketchbook and drawing pencils. My head snapped up in surprise. 'How did you know I like to draw?' He smiled and nodded towards Harry.


Of course.


'Thanks, Nialler.' I grinned at him.


'No problem Ally.' He grinned back at me.


I picked up a large box. 'Who's is this?'


'Mine,' Louis grinned. I opened to find a very short, very low-cut, strapless, black lace dress.


'Louis! What the hell is this?'


'Its a dress.'


'Are you sure it's not a top?'



Louis' POV


I chuckled at her remark. 'Completely sure. We're all going clubbing tonight, because you're legal. So you can wear that.' I grinned at her. I saw Liam glancing at me, then he motioned for me to come over. I walked over to him.


'I thought you told me you weren't getting her that dress.'


I smirked at him. 'It was a last minute decision. Why does it matter?'


'Well, what if random guys at the club buy her drinks, or dance with her, or do something bad because they mistook her for some of the sluts that go clubbing.' He looked a bit nervous. I kept smirking.


'More like you just want her to yourself, and you're afraid she'll get a lot of... 'male attention' in that dress.'


'No,' he said turning red. Ha! I caught him! That means yes. Aww, Liam likes Alice.


Oh, right. Alice.


'Your second present is over here,' I said, leading her to the corner of the room.


'How did I not see that before?' she muttered. I laughed. It is a bit obvious. There was a white sheet over a very odd shape. I flung off the sheet dramatically and heard her gasp.


'Oh, wow. A canvas? Perfect!'


'Ha, see guys, my presents perfect!' I cheered, running around the room.


'Thanks, Lou!' I heard her shout from the other side of the room.



Alice's POV


Woah. Such amazing presents. 'Mine next!' Liam called. He went to the coffee table and picked up two boxes. One big, one small.


'I already know what this one is,' I said, taking the big one. He smiled as I opened it.


MacBook Pro.


'Thank you Liam,' I said smiling. Then he handed me the little one. 'Here.' he said. I looked at it curiously, wandering what it could be. I opened it carefully and found the most beautiful necklace I've ever seen.


It was a simple gold chain, and hanging off it was a clear, sparkling jewel, and a gold heart locket. Engraved on the front of the heart was 'Life is a daring adventure...'. I opened it and inside it said '...or nothing at all.' There was space for a photo next to it.


'Wow, Liam. It's beautiful. Thank you.' I hugged him.


'Your welcome,' he said smiling.


'Mine's last.' I stared at Harry. He was holding out a really big basket covered in tissue paper.


I hadn't quite decided where we were in terms of friendship. Sure, that game of Monopoly was fun, but I hadn't forgiven him, by any means.


'I really am sorry Alice,' he said softly whilst handing me the basket. I took away the tissue paper and saw mountains of Doritos and Cadburys dairy milk bars. I looked up at Harry.


'I can't believe you remembered.' He smiled.


'Ever since I gave them to you when you were eight, you fell in love. It was so funny watching you eat them.'


'I bet it was funny for you,' I smiled back.


'Yeah, especially when I took them away.' He gestured to the basket. 'There's more underneath.'


I took out all of the food and found a tattered book. I lifted it out and opened the pages. My old sketchbook.


'Wow,' I breathed out. 'I remember these.' I said flicking through the pages. I stopped at my drawing of ten year old Harry, his dimples showing through the grin. 'You kept this all these years?'


'Of course. Why wouldn't I? Remember when you tried to draw me, but I got so tired of smiling that I wanted to rest a bit, but straight after I relaxed my face, without even looking up you said 'Keep smiling.'?'


I laughed softly at the memory. 'I remember.'


Underneath that was some sort of file. I glanced up at Harry before opening the first page.


It was a photo album, with all the photos of Harry and I ever taken. I flicked through each one, from when we were two in the paddling pool, to when we were eleven, when I left. At that last picture I felt Liam tense up beside me.


It was me and Harry kissing. Just a friendly kiss. We we were the best of friends and we knew that kissing was a way of expressing love. We just didn't know that there were two different kinds of love.


'That one's sweet,' Harry commented.


'Yeah, people find it weird, but I think it's cute how we kiss,' I said.


Liam's POV


Kiss? As in STILL kiss?



Alice's POV


I saw an envelope at the bottom of the basket. I picked it up and opened it, sticking my hand inside and pulling out...


I gasped.


'These aren't real...' I muttered.





'Go! And make sure you earn more than yesterday,' he snarled at me, pushing me out of the door.


'Where should I go this time, Daddy?' I said looking up at him.


'I don't care!' He snapped. 'Just go!'


So I left, out the door to my usual spot.  At seven years old, it was tiring leaving the house at six in the morning, trying to earn money all day, then trailing back home at ten at night, aside from Tuesdays and Thursdays, when it was less busy.  I would always go to Harry's house then.


I stepped onto the raised ground and put my hat on the floor.


I was tired of this. Before I thought this was just normal life. But now I realised that this was all but normal. I had my own dreams, but they were all pushed aside by my cruel father and mother. I slowly breathed in and began to sing.


'Listen, to the song here in my heart, a melody I start, but can't complete..' More and more people gathered around as I carried on.


'Oh, the time has come for my dreams to be heard, they will not be pushed aside and turned, into your own, all cause you won't listen...'


I finished the song and everyone started applauding. I smiled at them and continued to sing.


*                       *                           *


'I'm a survivor, I'm not gonna give up, I'm not gonna stop, I'm gonna work harder, I'm a survivor, I'm gonna make it, I will survive, keep on surviving.' I finished as they all cheered again.


I hopped off the raised ground and picked up my hat. I had sung Beyonce and Destiny's Child all day and I had gotten... £160?!




I almost ran back home, and when he opened the door, I gave the hat to him proudly. He counted up the money and looked at me with a surprised look on his face, which was instantly replaces with a cold, bored one.


'Enough for now. Go,' he said, pushing me towards the stairs. I ran up to my room and sat on my mattress, my eyes shining. He didn't hit me!


From then on, I always sang Beyonce. And he never hit me. Well, of course, he would once in a while, when I did something wrong around the house, but not for the money I brought home. I would sing her songs all the time, I would even be humming them around Harry's house. I had told him my love for them, and he said that one day he would take me to a concert. I laughed at him.


But little did Harry know, Beyonce saved my life.




I stared at the Beyonce tickets in my hand, then up at Harry.


'I already broke one promise, I didn't want to break another,' he said softly.


I got up and walked over to him. 'I forgive you,' I whispered.


He grinned, 'Really?!'


'Yes,' I smiled at him and he lifted me up and spun me round and round. I squealed and screamed 'Put me down Harold!' He put me down and I hugged him as tightly as I possibly could. He kissed me quickly on the lips and I smiled at him before running upstairs screaming 'I GOT FRONT ROW SEATS TO A BEYONCE CONCERT!' I had to get ready for Louis' genius idea of going to the club tonight. I didn't know what to expect. Would I enjoy it?



Harry's POV


As soon as she ran upstairs, Liam turned on me.


'What the hell man?!' He said.


'Wha...' I'm so confused.


'You just kissed Alice!'




Liam charged towards me, but Louis stopped him before he could get to me.


'What's wrong with you, Liam?'


'Liam likes the lass.' Niall said in a bored voice. Oh.


'Sorry man. It's not like I'm in love with her or anything like that, we just kiss as friends. We knew that people kissed when they love each other, but we didn't know the difference between 'Love' and 'In love',' I explained to him.


'Well now you know the difference, and you're still doing it,' Liam said back to me.


'Well, it's just a habit.'


'That you've kept for seven years?!'


'Yes, okay? God Liam, its like you think you own her or something.'


'NO I DON'T! I just care about her alright? You've obviously hurt her in the past and I don't you to hurt her again.'


'I would never hurt her. Just lay off okay? I know her way better than you ever will. You didn't know she liked to draw. You didn't know that she loved Beyonce. You don't know anything about her! I've known her since she was four, and you've only just met her!'


Liam was fuming. He grabbed his coat and went out the door, slamming it behind him.




Ooh, some tension between Harry and Liam! Clubbing scene is next - let's see what happens ;)


Just in case my lovely carrots were wondering:


'She looks so cute sleeping!' -Zayn

'Let her wake up when she wants to.' -Liam


'But I can't wait any longer!' -Harry


'Neither can I. I'm hungry.' -Niall (well obviously :P)


'Lets pour water on her.' - Louis


'NO!' -All (except Louis)


The locket quote - so stupid, it was the first phrase I thought of.


The lyrics - might be wrong. I did them from memory because we have no Internet so I couldn't look them up. Also, my iPod wiped so I couldn't even listen to the songs.


Alice and Harry kissing - just as friends. There is nothing going on between them.


See you next time! Till then, eat carrots.


Lots of love,

Avery xxxx

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