Why Am I In Payne? (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

Alice. Seems like a normal name for a normal girl. But Alice can only dream of a normal life. She is homeless, and has been living on the street since she was eleven.
She gets hit by a car in order to save another life. But whose life? Liam Payne. Of One Direction.


5. Cruel To The Homeless



'Oh yeah...' he went subdued again. I know, I shouldn't have brought it up. But I was curious. Give me a break, I am in a hospital bed you know.

'Well, see, i-I was the one...' he started nervously, looking at me with mixed emotions. 




'...who w-was driving the c-car that hit you.' 





Louis POV


She was silent. I waited fearfully for her reaction. Then suddenly she screamed out.


'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!' I had my head in my hands. I knew it1 I knew she was going to be mad.


'I'm sorry! I know, I know. Ugh, I feel so terrible, I-' she cut me off. She shook her head frantically, tears streaming down her face.


'No Louis! It's not that! Please don't be upset, I - my ribcage hurts like hell.' I snapped up to attention. What was happening? I immediately went to the panic button and called for the nurseSeconds later, a nurse came running in. 'What's happened? What is it?'


'She said her ribcage hurts.' We turned to look at her, her face was twisted in pain, she was letting out whimpers here and there. I need to call Liam.


I picked up my phone and dialled Liam. He picked up on the second ring.


'Hello? Louis? Is everything alright?' he said.


'No Lili, it isn't. Get back here as fast as you can. She's in extreme pain, she said it was her ribcage. Bring the doctor with you.'


'I'm on my way,' he said gravely, and hung up.


Liam came in a few minutes later with the doctor.


'Where is she?' the doctor said.


'The nurse said they were taking her to the operating room. She said to send you there as soon as you came.'


He nodded and walked away.


I went over to Liam, who looked pale, and asked him what was going to happen.


'I don't know Lou. I talked to the doctor about her condition. Before this happened of course. I did my best to have her prepared as soon as she turned eighteen, but he said it was difficult. Then he was talking to me about her bruises-' he cut off.


'Li, what are you not telling me?' I said, starting to get really worried.


'The doc was telling me that the only way there could have been that many bruises was if there were bruises there before. I'm trying to work out how this could have happened.'


'LiLi, she lives on the streets.' I said gently. 'There are many cruel people out there. I hate to say it, but she's probably been kicked around, spat on, maybe even thrown about.' I felt tears coming to my eyes, thinking of all the cruel people in the world, mean to those who are unfortunate enough not to have a home. I looked at Liam and saw his eyes fill with tears too.


He sighed and bit his lip. 'That's probably the most likely explanation. I wonder-' he was cut off as someone came in.


'The operation is done, but she hasn't woken up yet.' The doctor said. 'You may go in and wait for her to wake up.'





Sorry if this chapter was too sad for you guys, but that's what it is. :(


I may or may not have felt tears come to my eyes as I wrote about the people that are really cruel to the homeless. Why would you do that? You should be helping them.


Nobody expected that reaction to Louis, did you? I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. (cue evil laugh)


Shout out to Ariza K.Amanda for her comment on what might happen, I gave her the clue that she will shout, just not at Louis. And she did. I never lie.

Shout out to Directioner333 for using the word amazayn.

Shout out to Mrs.payne889 for her fabulouis profile pic.

Shout out to Loverofthem and Serena852 for... well, commenting.

You all are brilliam!

Auto correct tried to change that to beryllium. lln.


So I know this isn't very 'lovey dovey' at the moments, but it'll come! Don't worry. COMMENT! PLEASE? (cue puppy dog face).


See you next time! Till then, eat carrots.

Lots of love, Avery xxxx




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