Why Am I In Payne? (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

Alice. Seems like a normal name for a normal girl. But Alice can only dream of a normal life. She is homeless, and has been living on the street since she was eleven.
She gets hit by a car in order to save another life. But whose life? Liam Payne. Of One Direction.


7. Bring It On, Boys

Alice's POV

I felt the boys staring at me in shock. Yes, I was listening to their conversation. And yes, I should have said something. But It was too interesting. The whole time I was thinking 'Damn, these boys are smart.' So I'm going to tell the truth. They deserve it, after everything they've done for me.


I took a deep breath and began.


            'When I was younger, my parents were very poor. There was no way to earn money. I was four at the time, my parents were alcoholics, and weren't able to get a job. They found there source for cash. Drug dealing. But they needed the money to get the drugs. So they sent me out onto the streets to busk.

            'I would sing all day, every day out on the streets. I did this for seven whole years. Every day I would come home with my hat clutched tightly to my chest, afraid that a coin would fall out. If I ever came home with less than forty pounds in my hat, they- they- they would beat me.

            'They would hit me hard, saying I wasn't trying just to spite them and I would pay for what I did. Other times they would blame it on my voice, saying I was a talentless bitch who would never get far in life, and if I didn't get more in the next round it would get worse.'

I looked round at Liam and Louis, there mouths were slightly open in shock, tears filling their eyes. I felt my own eyes brimming with tears, but I had to keep going. I couldn't stop there.

            'At the age of eleven, the police came into our door. They arrested my parents for drug dealing and intake of illegal drugs, I was left to my aunt. I was rejoicing inside. I thought I would have a better life. I was wrong.

            'My aunt didn't want me. Not at all. She thought of me a hassle, a burden she couldn't bear to keep. She took me out shopping one day. Well, thats what I thought was happening. Suddenly hse opened the car door and pushed me out onto Greensworth Avenue. A-and then she just l-left me.' I couldn't help the tears pouring out. 'And I've been homeless ever since.'

            'Oh, Alice!' Liam and Louis said simultaneously. They rushed to the hospital bed to give me a hug. I could feel their tears dropping onto my shoulders. My tears were free falling now.

            'I had no idea.' Lou whispered into my ear. Well, yeah. That was kind of the point.

            'So, where are you going to go when they let youi out of the hospital? Which, by the way, is in two days.' Liam asked me (AN I know she just had the op but lets pretend yea? xx).

            'Back to Greensworth Avenue.' Obviously.

            'NO!' Louis and Liam shouted.

            'Well where else am I going to go?' I asked them.

            'With us!' They said simultaniously. How do they keep doing that? Wait, hold on.

With them?

I flung my arms around their necks and cried. 'Thank you so much guys. This means the absolute world. Why would you want to do this for me?'

            'Well, because you saved me from getting hit by a car...' Liam said, hugging me.

            '...and I hit you with my car,' Louis said, sadness covering his eyes again. 'I'm so sor-'


            'Good.' I said and leaned back on the hospital bed. 'Wait, do you gus live with the other boys?'

            'Yeah. They want to come and visit you. Are you okay with that?'

            'I've been hit by a car, Li. I can do anything.' I said.

Bring it on, boys.



Okay, so I am seriously thinking of putting this on hold. I really think it is going nowhere, so if you really want me to keep going, comment, otherwise I am putting it on hold. Thanks for reading though guys, you are the most awesome carrots I've met! Actually, the ones I met today were pretty cool - they had the green hair and everything.

See you next time! (maybe). Till then, eat carrots.

Loads of love,

Avery xxxx :)


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