Summer Love -Unfinished-

Cassadee Williams. A 17 years old girl and a 4th year student who lives in Plainwoods Heights in Santiago, California. It was the end of school days and summer entered. After two days, they moved out of their house and took a flight heading to London, England. And that was wear Cassadee met Harry Styles in Valley Speed Beach. Their summer together in Valley Speed Beach was perfect. But, school was starting again and Cassadee needs to go back to California whether she likes it or not. What would happen? Read to find out.


8. Chapter 6

Cassadee's POV

I sighed. Sitting down on my new, clean, soft mattress turning on my iPod and switching it to the song Im With You by Cassadee Pope. Same as my name, huh? So, Hansel barged in my room throwing me a crumpled piece of paper as I uncrumpled it and opened it. Then, I read it. It says that dinner was ready. So, I wrapped myself first with a blanket then walked out my room. 

I went to the kitchen room and then sat on the chairs. My mom then placed the viand and the rice on the middle of the table as Hansel prepared the plates, spoon & forks & the glasses as I prayed then placed some rice and viand on my plate.

We all ate silently. No one really talked much. "So, about earlier, Cassadee. Why do you attack them with your words?" My dad asked as I got pissed. "Look dad. I dont. It's just that I don't like that curly haired guy. I think he's so mean." I said walking to my room and closing the door behind me.

I grabbed my slippers and walked to the cottage of Niall and those boys. I knocked 5 times when finally, Zayn opened the door. "Where's curls?" I asked as he chuckled and got serious. "He's there on the sand. Sitting. Waiting for you." He laughed as I punched his chest as he stopped laughing.

I rolled my eyes and walked to him. He was so far. "So, why are you here? It's like 7 in the evening." I said folding my arms.

"Look, if you're just gonna get me into trouble with your dad, I better drown first." He said. "Im not. I just wanted to say sorry." I whispered quitely but not to quiet for him to hear. He chuckled. "Did I just hear ms. Meanie apologize?" I slapped his back and sat down with him on the sand.

"Just joking." He said and stopped laughing. "Why are you here?" I asked him as the water almost touched my toes.

"Waiting the fireworks to sparkle up there." He said looking up the sky. "How'd you know that?" I asked him as I drew circles on the sand.

"Cause at my home, it's visible there. And I know that in every first Saturday of the month they'll have the fireworks shown in the sky at 8." He said looking at me.

"Yeah. I know about that too. I like watching it. Especially when I'm mad. My life ain't easy. Even though my dad's the richest man in London. It aint easy." I said as he nodded. 

"You're not that mean at all." He said as I blushed. "Im not that much. People just you know. And it brings to me. And my aunt, before she died, she told me to defend myself. And it's just what I do right now." I said my eyes starting to get teary but I held it back.

Suddenly, at the deepest part of the ocean, where sharks dont belong since it's not really yet a blue sea, there were glowing things. And I figured what it was and I smiled.

"Rent a speed boat will you, Harry." I ordered as he nodded. He got back after minutes with a speed boat. "You know how to drive it?" He asked me as I nodded.

"Where we heading?" He asked as I stopped the boat from where the glowing things are.

"Look." I said as he looked on the water. He smiled. "What are these?" He asked. "It's shrimps. They glow when they're not touched. Wanna go for a swim?" I asked as he nodded and held my hand for a while.

"But what if they bite?" He asked as I laughed. "No. Just dont go really near them. They're really down. So we cant reach them and we can just keep them glowing. Let's go." I said taking of my shorts that left me with my oversized shirt and my panty. 

"Dont be scared." I said touching his cheek as he took off his shirt and his pants that left him with his boxers.

"Ready?" I asked as he nodded a yes. I kissed him as we both fell to the water together. We kissed under water and stopped since we need to get some air.

We kissed not anymore in the water. "I never knew this would happen." I said as we kissed when suddenly the fireworks were up. I smiled. Then, we took a swim. 

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