Summer Love -Unfinished-

Cassadee Williams. A 17 years old girl and a 4th year student who lives in Plainwoods Heights in Santiago, California. It was the end of school days and summer entered. After two days, they moved out of their house and took a flight heading to London, England. And that was wear Cassadee met Harry Styles in Valley Speed Beach. Their summer together in Valley Speed Beach was perfect. But, school was starting again and Cassadee needs to go back to California whether she likes it or not. What would happen? Read to find out.


6. Chapter 5

The wind blew very strong. I stayed at the terrace of the small house as those 5 boys still played even though it was about to rain. "Aren't you guys gonna go to your cottage? The weather's bad today." I said to them. "Well," the blonde chick paused "We went here to have fun. And who are you to boss us for our safety?" Harry debated. "Well, I care for your safety cause we're nearby the beach and who knows the wave current smashes into the 5 of you. Then you drown. I care about people's safety cause I too, have a heart and I too care for other people that are in my surroundings. And most of all, I cant boss you for your safety since I AM the CHILD of the OWNER OF THIS RESORT!" I debated with full anger as the 4 boys knelt as Harry didn't.

"Sorry, Cassie." 

"Guys, you really are scared of her? So what if she's the daughter of Mr.Williams? Like she would tell and we could get kicked out." Harry protested as they all stood up except Zayn and Niall and laughed at me. I feel like I wanna throw fire at those 3 boys. I slightly opened the door protesting them back as they all really knelt to their knees.

"I'm so sorry! Please, please, please!" They cried I chuckled. "Niall and Zayn, you have to stop worrying and go to your shelter. You feel cold? Try to keep your body warm." I said as they stood up and walked away as they also said thank you as I nodded. "Three of you, better worry. A lot." I said going inside.


Okay. Clearly, she's so cruel. I have so many things to hate on her. Her words, the way she looks at me and everything. "We're so out of this wonderful resort." Louis whispered. "Shush, Louis! We won't." I said. Maybe we'll really get kicked out.

The queen of brats finally came out. With her dad. "Here goes nothing." I whispered in a very very low voice.

"Boys. The wheather's bad. You should go to your shelter." Her dad said as she evily smiled at me. "Yes, sir. We were just about to go back to our shelter or room as she suddenly attacked us with her words." I lied.

"Seriously, Cassadee?" Her dad questioned her. "Look at that horrible look on her face." I whispered to Liam and Louis as we chuckled a little and went serious as Mr.Williams took his attention on us again.

"Boys," he paused "If you don't go nicer to my daughter, she wouldn't be nice to you too. The way you treat her, that's the way how she'll treat you back. Now, she also complained to me that you mouthed her back and-"

"Sir, we never mouthed her back. We just admired to tease her. Like a beautiful girl like her." Louis said. 

"You're coaching my daughter?!" He thundered. "No sir. We were just having fun!" Liam spoke as the evil smile gloomed again at her face. "Whatever." Mr.Williams said as he went inside.

"Next time, don't protest, mouth me back, disrespect me nor debate with me. Cause next time, it'll be worse than this." She threatened as she sticked her tongue out and went inside the room/shelter/cottage as we were able to stand up now as we wiped the sands away.

"Louis, you made it worse." I said as he apologized. "Look, let's just go back to our shelter before we get smashed by those water. As she said so." Liam suggested as we walked back to our room.

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