Summer Love -Unfinished-

Cassadee Williams. A 17 years old girl and a 4th year student who lives in Plainwoods Heights in Santiago, California. It was the end of school days and summer entered. After two days, they moved out of their house and took a flight heading to London, England. And that was wear Cassadee met Harry Styles in Valley Speed Beach. Their summer together in Valley Speed Beach was perfect. But, school was starting again and Cassadee needs to go back to California whether she likes it or not. What would happen? Read to find out.


5. Chapter 4

After eating, we went back again inside the car. My dad drived for like 2 hours already. After 10 minutes, we finally arrived my dad's place. It's not like a house nearby a road. It's like a beach resort, somehow. "Dad, you live here?" I asked with a little smirk and confusion. "Actually sweety," he paused "This is our resort. Our family beach resort." He said as my jaw dropped open. "Are you serious?" Me and Hansel asked together in surprise as he nodded. 

"Now, let's go at our room." My mom pleaded as we followed dad. It was pretty small though. There were small 6 rooms. I think the inside is small. There were 3 bedrooms, 1 room for the kitchen, 1 room for the living room and 1 room for the comfort room. There was a hallway. A short hallway. 

I opened one of the bedrooms to check out how tiny the space is as I glared at it as I opened it. "Dad," I paused "Where do I sleep?" I asked as my room was pretty empty. Except there were some heater on the wall and a dirty mattress (sp?). "There on the mattress." My dad said as I glared at him. "You do know it's dirty." I questioned. "Yeah, I know. Plus, we'll clean it all together. Outside. In the blue seas." My dad said as I placed my backpacks inside as Hansel grabbed my mattress bringing it outside in the sands.

Mom, Hansel, Dad ann I dragged our matresses to the water. I smelled my fingers and the smell so bad. They smell like guys, sweaty armpits. 

I cleared that thought out of my mind and then pushed the mattress deep down to the water as I folded my pants. "Disgusting." I whispered to myself as Hansel sprinkled me some little bit of water. "Hansel! I ain't in the mood for games, right now!" I yelled at him as I got the brush and started brushing the mattress. Which I could see there were some mustards spreading through the water.

"Oh no." I said to myself again. "Come on, sis. We're in the beach we should have some fun!" He pleaded. "Well at least your mattress is not that dirty while mine has some mustard stain, a smelly sweat, a ketchup stain and it stinks badly!" I complained. "Well, that's because basketball players slept there. You know, Mikee Jord? Yeah, he was the most stinkiest member in the group especially when he's sweaty. And he slept there." He said.

"Oh yeah. Well how'd you know? You weren't even here." I said putting my left hand on my hips. "Well, I guess the very bad smell, the mustard and the ketchup stain explains it all." He said as I feel like puking.

"No worries, you can have my mattress and I can have yours. In fact, I could just order another one for 25 bucks." He said as I rolled my eyes getting out of the water as a soft ball banged my head that made me fall down.

"Oww!" I sobbed in pain. "Oh my gosh. Miss, I am so sorry. It was my mistake." A guy with some curly hair and a dark green eyes apologized to me. "Uh, yeah. It's fine." I think I was strucked by a cupid. "You okay? I am really sorry." He said helping me up. "Yeah, it's fine." I said as I stood up.

"Thank gosh. I'm Harry Styles. And these are my friends, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn." He said as I smiled. "Okay." I said walking away. "Miss," he paused as I turned back faking a smile "Your name, please?" He asked, I rolled my eyes.

"Cassadee Williams. In short terms, call me Cassie. You call me Dee, you die." I said walking away as he smiled with a pleasant goodbye.

"Bye, my lady." Niall said. "Whatever." I whispered to myself heading to the counter to order another clean, soft mattress.

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