Summer Love -Unfinished-

Cassadee Williams. A 17 years old girl and a 4th year student who lives in Plainwoods Heights in Santiago, California. It was the end of school days and summer entered. After two days, they moved out of their house and took a flight heading to London, England. And that was wear Cassadee met Harry Styles in Valley Speed Beach. Their summer together in Valley Speed Beach was perfect. But, school was starting again and Cassadee needs to go back to California whether she likes it or not. What would happen? Read to find out.


3. Chapter 2

As we arrived the airport at 5:03 am, my mom paid as me and Hansel got the bags out and then we all finished the things we have to do in an airport. We then sat at the waitings area waiting for our flight to be called.

After an hour, our flight was finally called. We then went to our plane. We placed our things on the top then sat to our sits. I was in the middle while Hansel was near the window. I'm 'Mommy's Girl' while Hansel is 'Daddy's Boy'. See, we're fair.

As the plane went up, I felt sick. I felt like I was gonna vomit so I closed my eyes and slept.

- - -

I woke up cause of something I felt odd. Then, I figured that I was about to puke. I got the paper bag infront of me then puked in the paper bag. After I gave it Hansel as Hansel gave it to the stewardess. My mom gave me a medicine so I took it and then stayed awake. So, we were landing to London so I took a deep breath as the plane landed. 

We all unlocked our seatbelts and then grabbed our luggages and then went outside the plane and walked to the airport. We went outside to wait for our dad to pick us up. We saw our dad's car as we ran to him. Hansel and dad had a bro hug as I hugged dad like a friend. "I missed you." He whispered. "I miss you too." I whispered back as I stopped hugging him. 

I went inside the car as Hansel sat beside me.

"What brought you here, guys?" He asked. "Summer brought us here." I said as I saw the sun rising. "Okay. So, I think you haven't had your breakfast? Where do you wanna eat?" He asked as I stayed silent. "Hansel? Cassie?" 

"Uhm, maybe Jollibee?" Hansel suggested. "Ew!" I exclaimed.

"If you don't want to eat in Jollibee then where? Suggestions ms.Exclaimer?" He said angrily as anger boiled in me. "Anywhere as long as it's not in Jollibee!" I yelled back at him as my mom tried to calm me down.

"What?! Why would you get too hyper much?!" He answered back.

"Maybe because you don't have to use that tone!" I yelled back. "Well i'm older than you!" He yelled. "I don't care! Age doesn't matter!" I answered.

"GUYS!" My mom thundered. "Guys, please! We're here to remove the bad and add the good. Please! Give me a break! Why do you always fight in London? Unlike in Cali? Hansel. Just try to understand your sister. She's not feeling well, okay?" My mom said defending me as I took a deep breath and continued looking out the window to calm myself.

"Okay, guys. Um, let's just eat then in KFC." He suggested as he started the engine and drived. 

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