Summer Love -Unfinished-

Cassadee Williams. A 17 years old girl and a 4th year student who lives in Plainwoods Heights in Santiago, California. It was the end of school days and summer entered. After two days, they moved out of their house and took a flight heading to London, England. And that was wear Cassadee met Harry Styles in Valley Speed Beach. Their summer together in Valley Speed Beach was perfect. But, school was starting again and Cassadee needs to go back to California whether she likes it or not. What would happen? Read to find out.


1. Cassadee Serenity Williams

Hello! My name is Cassadee Serenity R. Williams. I am 17 years old. Before you'll know about my likes and dislikes, i'll describe you first myself. I have a wavy, curly hair. I have hazel eyes and I was born on January 22, 1995. I am not thin nor fat. I have a normal one. I am fourth year highschool. I study in Ridgeway High. Okay, now let's begin with my life. I live in Santiago, California in Plainwoods Heights. I have a brother named Hansel Mike Williams. I look exactly like my mom. Well, maybe a little of my dad too. My brother is 19. But I look older than him. I don't really call myself smart nor dumb. I'm just an average student. I never drink nor smoke. Ew. So, I like Spaghetti, Chicken and Macaronni. I'm not sure if that's the correct spelling of Macaronni. I really don't like Pizza. Well, i'd like to taste it, but i'm allergic. Boys in the school have girlfriends and the girls have boyfriends. And I never, ever want to have one. Maybe when i'm 20 i'll have one. Trust me, i'm the only girl that doesn't have a boyfriend. 

Okay, so I'm starting to get you bored. So, bye! 

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