Keep Smiling :)

When Kristy finds out that her one and only 'lover' has been cheating on her with her best friend, she is left with nothing but memories. Will moving to another country help? Or will she stay empty inside forever.
It's my first one so cut me some slack.

For Kristy <3 xo.


5. The Offering

I had just pulled my shirt over my head when Harry walked into the bathroom.
'Woah, do you mind!?' I said.
He covered his face with his hand and continued to walk over to me.
'Sorry, I just wanted to ask you something,' he replied.
When my shirt was fully down over my stomach, I turned to him and said,
'Ok...,' I said as I pulled his hand down. 'What is it?'
He looked up at me smiling.
'I was wondering if you wanted to stay with me and the boys for a while,' he said. 'Just until you get back onto your feet.'
More boys? Just what I need. Hmm I think it might be EXACTLY what I need, I think.
'Are you sure?' I asked.
He looked deeper into my eyes.
'Absolutely! Please, I really want you to,' he pleaded.
I scratched behind my ear and made a decision.
'Ok.' I said.

*Authors Note*
Sorry for the short chapter guys, been so busy over the holidays.  I hope every had a happy new year!  Thanks for reading this, even if it isn't the BEST Movella out there.  I love you guys!  I recommend 'Slave Auction'. (It's amazing!)   Anyways... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 xo.

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