Keep Smiling :)

When Kristy finds out that her one and only 'lover' has been cheating on her with her best friend, she is left with nothing but memories. Will moving to another country help? Or will she stay empty inside forever.
It's my first one so cut me some slack.

For Kristy <3 xo.


2. Meeting Him

The trip felt like forever, my ears kept popping like every 5 minutes.  Shrek was playing on the TV and I knew every line to it.
'Please put your seatbelts on, we are landing in 10 minutes,' the speaker said.
'Finally,' I thought.
I switched my ipod off, put it into my pocket and pulled my seatbelt over my body.  The landing was really bumpy.  I held my breath as the wheels hit the runway.  When I got off the plane I felt a sigh of relief come over me.  All I could think about was the cold, winter air touch every inch of my body.  It felt amazing.  When I was walking down the stairs of the plane, there was one guy that didn't move.  He held up the whole line.  Everyone was yelling at him, even I started to.  He was right infront of me when I yelled.

'Can you move please!?' I said.
He turned around, he was kinda weird looking, he looked like my stepdad. (Who I hated).
'Make me...bitch!' he yelled as he pushed me.
'Oh no he didn't!' I thought.
'What the hell!' I yelled.

He turned around and quickly walked away.  As I got to the bottom of the stairs a boy said:
'Are you ok?'
I looked up at him.
'I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself,' I said as I walked away.  After I walked a couple of metres, I realised... oh my gosh, it was Harry----Harry Styles from One frickin Direction.  I stopped in my tracks and walked back towards him.
'I'm so sorry, I'm just sick of people treating me like I'm dirt,' I said, 'I'm Kristy by the way'.
He smiled.
'It's fine, he has no right to do that...I'm Har--Oh...right', he said.
He started blushing as he quickly walked of into the crowd of papparazi.

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