Keep Smiling :)

When Kristy finds out that her one and only 'lover' has been cheating on her with her best friend, she is left with nothing but memories. Will moving to another country help? Or will she stay empty inside forever.
It's my first one so cut me some slack.

For Kristy <3 xo.


11. Is Harry The One?

Louis and I arrived back at the house soon after he bought me the Pillowpet.  We walked into the lounge room to find Liam sitting and watching TV.  I don't think he really noticed us until Louis tapped him on the shoulder.  He paused his movie and turned around.
'Can I help you?' he asked.
'Nope, just letting you know we are back,' Louis replied.
'Ok,' he smiled, turned back around and pressed play.
I sighed and walked toward my room.  Harry was on my bed waiting for me. I think?  I smiled as I placed the Pillowpet on the end of my bed.
'Yes?' I asked.
He smiled slighty. 'Nothing, just waiting for Louis to bring you back.'
'Bring me back?' I said.
'Yeah, I--I wanted to see you,' he replied.
I smiled up at Louis and gave him a hug.
'Thank you so much Louis,' I said. 'You made my day.'
'Anytime chicky babe,' he replied.
I smiled again and walked out to the patio.  I could hear Harry following close behind me.  I stepped onto the stairs and sat down.  I didn't need to turn around to know that he was standing there.
'Well...I'm here,' I said.
He sat down next to me and grabbed my PillowPet.  He ran his fingers over the soft material and smiled.
'I remember when my mum got me a teddy bear that felt like this,' he said.
I looked at him confused.
I sighed. 'Do you still have it?'
'Nah,' he replied. 'I figured I was too old for toys now.'
What?  Too old for toys?
'You can never be too old for toys!' I said.
He laughed lightly.
'Yeah, I guess,' he said.


*Authors Note*

Holy shit, I'm so sorry, it's been months since I've updated, sorry it's short but I'll try and update more. Been going through a lot at the moment, please forgive me. :) Almost 1000 views, so excited! Thank you guys, means a lot to me!

Rach xo.

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