Keep Smiling :)

When Kristy finds out that her one and only 'lover' has been cheating on her with her best friend, she is left with nothing but memories. Will moving to another country help? Or will she stay empty inside forever.
It's my first one so cut me some slack.

For Kristy <3 xo.


7. Afternoon With Harry

I spent that whole day hanging with the boys.  I'm so grateful they let me stay here.  But I wanted to spend some time alone with Harry.  To thank him for everything.  When I was sitting on the couch next to Louis, I looked out on the beach, ou the back and I saw Harry sitting alone.
'What's up with Harry?' I asked Louis.
Louis looked behind both of us and smiled.
'I don't know, maybe you should go and talk to him,' he said, 'he would love that.'  He winked at me.
I look at him confused.
'Why?' I asked.
His smile turned even cheekier.
'That's your answer to find out,' he replied.
I lightly punched him in the arm, got up from the couch and started to walk out the back door.  I was glad that it wasn't windy on the beach, because I was wearing a dress. O.o  When I got closer to Harry, I thought he could hear my footsteps because he turned around.  His cheeks went a light pink when he saw me.  I sat down next to him.
'What's wrong? Why aren't you up with everyone else?' I asked.
He looked at me and his cheeks went even redder.
'Because I--' he trailed off.
'What?' I said.
'I was hoping that you would follow me down here,' he said.
'Why?' I asked.  I asked a lot of questions today.
'So I could time with you,' he said.
I looked at him and smiled, he smiled back.
'Hun, you just have to say so,' I said, 'And...I wanted to spend time with you aswell.'
'Why?' he asked.
'To thank you,' I replied, 'Is there some way to repay you?'
'Well you're welcome, and you don't have to, it's ok,' he said.
'Please, can I repay you?' I asked.
He looked at me and sighed.
'Sure,' he said.
I really hoped that this wouldn't turn out badly, but it was the first thing that came to mind.  And I've always wanted to do it.  I turned and faced him.  Ergh, he was gorgeous, so much better than on my poster.  I leaned closer to him, I paused for a second and saw that he was moving closer to me aswell.  I smiled slightly and continued to move closer.  We were so close that our noses were touching.  Harry smiled and moved closer quickly so that we were kissing.  I felt his hand touch my shoulder as I placed my hand on his chest.  The wind began to pick up and my dress flew as high as my belly button.  I quickly pulled away to pull my dress down.  I started blushing.  Harry laughed.

Harry's POV
I laughed when her dress flew up, she had blue underwear.  That kiss was amazing.  Best repayment ever and I definately have to tell her that.  I rememeber when I first saw her at the airport, I was pretty sure that I was in love.  But I was sure that I was never gonna see her again.  But noe, I'm sitting next to her and I just kissed.  I'm not gonna let her go.

When I got relaxed again from my dress dilemma, I sat comfortably next to Harry.  He put his around my shoulders seeing as the wind had picked up and it was colder.  I felt amazing as the sun slowly went down.
'Was that your repayment?' Harry asked.
'Yeah, first thing that came to mind,' I replied.
'Amazing,' he said.
I smiled.  I spent the rest of the afternoon in Harry's arms.  My dream: An afternoon with Harry.

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