Keep Smiling :)

When Kristy finds out that her one and only 'lover' has been cheating on her with her best friend, she is left with nothing but memories. Will moving to another country help? Or will she stay empty inside forever.
It's my first one so cut me some slack.

For Kristy <3 xo.


1. New Place

'What!?' I yelled, tears streamed from my face.
'Look, I'm just...happened,' Kalyb said.
'But she's my best friend!,' I screamed,' Look-you--you need to just go...please.'
I looked down at the ground and wiped my endless tears.
'I can't believe I had sex with him thinking he was the one.' I thought.
He turned around and walked out of the apartment I shared with my...EX best friend.  After Kalyb disappeared behind the brick wall, I ran toward my ipod doc, picked my favourite song and turned it up to max.
'One Direction is the best thing to calm me down.  Hmmmm I love Harry.  Styles...Harry Styles.' I said to myself.

I looked around my apartment.  I got up and walked toward my bed, knelt down and pulled out a grey suitcase from under the bed.  I chucked it onto my bed and ran to my wardrobe.  I threw out my clothes onto the floor and started folding each piece of clothing and putting it into the suitcase.  I started yelling the lyrics to 'She's Not Afriad' while I grabbed my hairbrush and used it as microphone.  Just as the song finished, my phone started ringing.  It was Geby.

'What do you want?' I said sarcastically.
'Can we talk?' Geby asked.
'About what? How big it is or how good it was! No thank you!' I said.
'No! About how it was mistake and I'm sorry,' she replied.
'Yeah right, well I gotta go so...bye,' I said.
'But--,' she said.
I hung up as the next song came on.  'What Makes You Beautiful'.  I put my phone onto the bed side table, walked into the bathroom and grabbed all of my stuff.  I packed the rest of my suitcase, zipped it up and picked up my phone again.  I dialed an airport and asked for the earliest flight to England.

'The earliest flight to England is 9:00 a.m tomorrow morning, would you like me to book it?' the flight attendant asked.
'Ahh yeah sure, thanks,' I replied.
*5 minutes later* I hung up the phone, turned the music down and climbed into bed.  Within a couple of seconds I sware I was fast asleep.  I woke up by my alarm clock screaming in my ear.  I stumbled out of bed and jumped into the shower, all I could think about was Kalyb and Geby.  Why?  Hmm, no no don't cry just breathe, pour shampoo into hand and wash hair.  It was so diffcult just to shower.  They've ruined me, I have nothing.  Now I'm leaving to start an amazing new life.


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