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Alanah hates One direction, but when her and her friends who are obsessed go to audition to be back up dancers for there 2013 tour, will she fall for one of the members of the most popular boy band or will she push him away to try and focus on her dance career. And what will her friends do when the get close to there favourite celebrities? What will alanah choose her dream of stardom and dance career that she has worked so hard her whole life for or the boy she just met that stole her heart?


8. 8- Ghost Train

---the next day---

Jasmines POV-
The boys invited us to come to the theme park today, I can't wait it will be heaps of fun. I heard a knock on the door, I grabbed my purse and ran downstairs to the door. i opened the door to see a very handsome Niall stood there smiling. "Are you ready yet love?" Niall asked in his gorgeous Irish accent that made me weak in the knees. "Yeah I'm ready" I replayed happily, and we walked towards Harry's range rover that was parked in my drive way.
Niall opened the door for me, i smiled thinking what a gentle man he was as I slid into the back of the car. Harry was driving while Liam sat next to him, Zara sat next to me and Niall on the other side. "The others will get a lift with Lou" Harry said probably noticed looking around at everyone.

Naills POV-
We finally arrived at the theme park. We all jumped out of the cars, and walked towards the place were you pay. "Hurry up Niall!!" Jasmine screamed at me while running towards the theme park like a little kid. I got to admit it was pretty cute I thought while running after her. when we all got to the lady at the paying counter Liam paid her and we all got our wrist bands to say we paid and ran thought the big gate.

Louis POV-
I really like Alanah I mean she is beautiful and isn't like omg your one direction like most people do. The only problem is she's taken. "What's wrong mate?" Harry asked me as we walked towards some rides. "Nothing,don't worry" I replied hoping he would realise I don't want to talk about it. "Okay, so what ride do you want to go on first?'' Liam asked.

Alanahs POV-
"Okay, so what ride do you want to go on first?" Liam asked. "Ohh h, lets go in the ghost train!!!" I said "nooooo not the ghost train!" Zara said sounding scared. "Awww is wittle zawa scared?" Harry said in a baby voice, "don't worry I will protect you!" And that was when I realised that Harry likes Zara, how did I not realise before it was so obvious!

Harry's POV-
We stood in line for the ghoast train ride, luckily the line isn't too long. Zara looked so scared so I put my arm around her, she seemed to relax a bit. We got to the front of the line, the carts hold two people Tyler went with Zayn, Jasmine went with Niall, I went with Zara and Liam and Louis were going to go together but Alanah said she didn't want to by herself so Louis went with her and Liam went on his own. Poor Liam.

Zara's POV-
I was so scared, I hate ghost trains, any other ride I would be fine on but not this one. At least I have Harry here with me. The ride started and we started moving forward, I squealed likes little girl and covered my eyes as the first thing popped out. Harry put his arm around me chuckling slightly, I hit his chest and told him It wasn't funny, jokingly. I looked up from Harry's chest and immediately regretted it as I scream again and buried my head back into Harry's chest, he somehow made me feel safe and comfortable when he had his arm wrapped around me.
We came to the end of the ride and we got out of the cart.
I saw jasmine grinning like an idiot and Niall with his arm around her looking extremely happy. I gave jasmine a questioning look and she just smiled and gave me a I will tell you later look. Alanah came over to me as soon as she got off the ride, something seemed wrong...

A/N- Here is a really long chapter because I'm not sure if I will be able to update this weekend please comment like and favourite and tell me if you have any ideas for the book thx. Please follow my twitter @MovellasZazzy

-Zara :)xx
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