Sumer love

Alanah hates One direction, but when her and her friends who are obsessed go to audition to be back up dancers for there 2013 tour, will she fall for one of the members of the most popular boy band or will she push him away to try and focus on her dance career. And what will her friends do when the get close to there favourite celebrities? What will alanah choose her dream of stardom and dance career that she has worked so hard her whole life for or the boy she just met that stole her heart?


7. 7- Jealous

Liam's POV-
I woke up to the beautiful smell of bacon, I got up from we're i fell asleep on the couch and looked around the room. Harry and Zara were snuggled up asleep on the love seat, Zayn had his arm around Tyler, her head resting on his shoulder and his on top of hers, and Louis was asleep on the floor while alanah was spread out on the sofa next to Zayn and Tyler. Niall and jasmine were nowhere to be seen.
I walked towards the smell of bacon in the kitchen to see jasmine cooking bacon and Niall with his arms around her, a shot of pain went through my chest. I can't be jealous, can I? I mean she is beautiful, talented, funny... Wow I'm jealous of my best friend, this can not end well.

Niall's POV-
I stood their in the kitchen watching the most beautiful girl making me bacon, I wrapped my arms around her waist, and rested my head on her shoulder. I heard the door open to see Liam stood their, he looked kind of hurt, maybe he was just tired or something I thought. "Hi Liam, want some bacon?" Jasmine asked sweetly, he smiled and replied "yes, thanks"
Jasmine got out three plates and put some bacon on each. We sat down at the table and the three of us ate In silence.

A/N- sorry I haven't updated in awhile, it's because of school and dancing. I know this is a really boring and short chapter, but I didn't know what to write I'm so tired. Please tell me what you think of the book so far. Who do you think I should make jasmine date Niall or liam? Please like comment and favourite.
-Zara xx
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