Sumer love

Alanah hates One direction, but when her and her friends who are obsessed go to audition to be back up dancers for there 2013 tour, will she fall for one of the members of the most popular boy band or will she push him away to try and focus on her dance career. And what will her friends do when the get close to there favourite celebrities? What will alanah choose her dream of stardom and dance career that she has worked so hard her whole life for or the boy she just met that stole her heart?


6. 6-movie night

Alanahs POV-
We knocked at the door of the One Direction boys house, their house is like a mansion it's huge.

Zara's POV-
Yay, movie night with one direction I'm so excited I can't believe that Zayn invited Tyler and the rest of us.
The door opened to show a very sexy Harry, with no shirt on. Wow those abs. We walked I tried my hardest not to stare at his abs, but he must have seen it because he came and gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear "like what you see" with a cheeky grin plastered across his face.

Harry's POV-
She blushed and looked down, I got to admit it was quite cute. I chuckled lightly, and released her and we walked to the living room to watch a movie.
"What do you guys want to watch?" Liam asked when everyone had sat down. Alanah was sat at the end of the sofa with Louis at the side of her then Zayn next to Louis and Tyler next to Zayn, and I couldn't help but notice Zayn had his arm around her. On the other sofa was Liam, Niall and Jasmine, and then Zara and i were on the love seat. "Ooh, we should watch pitch perfect!!" Jasmine yelled, "yes I love that movie" Zara shouted back, Liam got up and went to turn on the movie.

Jasmines POV-
Halfway thought the movie my eye lids started to drop, I only just realised how tired I was. I rested my head on niall's comfortable shoulder and fell into a happy dreamless sleep.
---in the morning---
"Are you awake love" I heard Nialls sweet Irish accent whisper into my ear sending shivers down my spine. I slowly opened my eyes while mumbling a yes. I sat up and so did Niall. "I'm hungry, do you know how to make bacon?" Niall asked. " yeah I will make us some bacon," I replied.

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