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Alanah hates One direction, but when her and her friends who are obsessed go to audition to be back up dancers for there 2013 tour, will she fall for one of the members of the most popular boy band or will she push him away to try and focus on her dance career. And what will her friends do when the get close to there favourite celebrities? What will alanah choose her dream of stardom and dance career that she has worked so hard her whole life for or the boy she just met that stole her heart?


4. 4-dancing

Harry's POV-

I went and put my arm around the girl to make it more convincing, she is probably so confused right now. Beth frowned at the beautiful girl huffed then walked off. I turned to the girl and apologised for Beth and for saying she was my girlfriend. She said it was fine. 'What's your name, love' I asked her 'Zara ' she said shyly, she was pretty and cute I have to admit. 'Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.' I said with a cheesy grin, she giggled looking down and blush slightly.

Niall's POV-

Me and Zayn were at the bar getting a few drinks a just talking when two girls walked over to get themselves a drink. 'What can I get you?' The guy behind the bar said, 'two cokes please,' the girl with the long wavy light brown hair said. The guy gave them there coke and they sat down at the bar stools next to us. 'Hi I'm Niall,what's your names' I said to them. 'Im Tyler and this is youJasmine.' The one with the really dark coloured hair like zayn's it was just over shoulder length said, the other one that's apparently called Jasmine seemed to be frozen, I waved my hand in front of her face to get her attention.

Jasmines POV-

OMG IT'S NIALL, I'm hyperventilating, OMG OMG OMG.
I didn't realise I was staring until Niall started waving his hand in front of my face. 'Huh,' I said snapping out of my trance, 'I said are you one of the back-up dancers?' Niall questioned 'oh, err yeah I am,' I answered. We sat there and talked for awhile, Zayn and Tyler were talking too. Tyler and Zayn walked over to me and Niall and told us that they are going to go dance. 'Hey do you want to dance?' I asked Niall, 'I can't dance,' Niall said while laughing 'c'mon, I'll teach you I said grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the dance floor.

Zara's POV-

'So is your girlfriend not hear today or something?' I asked confused of the whole situation. ' No, i don't have a girlfriend' he said making me even more confused 'but, you said that you did?' I questioned 'Well the girl I was talking to Beth, is practically stalking me, and I wanted to get rid of her and you walked over to Liam it just popped in my head she won't want to dance with me if I have a girlfriend, so yeah' I kind of understand know 'oh, ok'
I saw Alanah and Jasmine walking over to me, I waved at them and they said 'hi, we have to go, umm have you seen Tyler?' They asked ' ok and no I haven't seen Tyler' I replied. We got up I waved to Harry and Liam and we started searching the room for Tyler, after about five minuets Jasmine spotted her on the dance floor with.. Zayn? Aww they looked really cute together. Alanah went over to them and asked Tyler if she still wanted a lift home, 'yeah, I didn't bring my car so that would be good.' Tyler replied 'I can give you a lift if you like?' Zayn said not wanting her to leave aww.

Zayn's POV-

'I can give you a lift if you like?' I said, I didn't want her to leave she Is really nice, she understands me, she not shy and she's a great dancer. 'Yeah that would be great, thanks Zayn.' She said to me before turning back to her friends and telling them that I would give her a lift. Her friends walked away and she put her arms back around my neck and her chin on my shoulder and whispered 'where were we?' Sending shivers down my spine. We went back to slow dancing for awhile.

Louis' POV-

Alanah left about 30 minuets ago, and all the boys, apart from Zayn who was still dancing with this girl, kept asking me heaps of questions, I just said we just talked, she has a boyfriend anyway.


Hi guys please tel me if you want me to keep going with this movella, if you do I will probably update on Friday or Saturday. Please like, coment, and fav. Thankyou to everyone reading this I love you all.

-Zara xx
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