Sumer love

Alanah hates One direction, but when her and her friends who are obsessed go to audition to be back up dancers for there 2013 tour, will she fall for one of the members of the most popular boy band or will she push him away to try and focus on her dance career. And what will her friends do when the get close to there favourite celebrities? What will alanah choose her dream of stardom and dance career that she has worked so hard her whole life for or the boy she just met that stole her heart?


3. 3- I have a girlfriend!

Harry's POV-

I hope everything is going good between Louis and Alanah I thought to my self. I am sat with Liam talking about the tour, when Beth walked over to me. Not Beth I hate Beth I swear she is stalking me. 'Hey Harry babe, want to dance?' Beth asked, I tried to think of an excuse so i didnt have to dance with her, but nothing came to mind, I looked at Liam for help but he just shrugged his shoulders not knowing what to do. And that's when I saw her a beautiful girl with long blonde hair, 'Sorry Beth, ummm.. I'm here with my ummm.. girlfriend.' I said not knowing what else to say. Beth was speechless she just stared at me like I was crazy.

Zara's POV-

I spotted Harry and Liam talking to a girl with curly blonde hair with brown streaks, she is wearing a lace red dress that hardly covers her butt and heels she could hardly walk in, her face plastered in make-up. I started walking towards them. 'Hi, umm I'm Zara, my friend Alanah is one of your new back up dancers' I said to Liam. 'Hi Zar... Liam said trailing off when the girl talking to Harry shouted 'I thought we had something special,Harry!'
'We never had something special, I have a girlfriend!' Harry
said back a bit more quite but still loud enough for me and Liam to hear. I didn't know Harry had a girlfriend :( . 'So
where is this precious girlfriend of yours!' The girl asked 'umm, she's right, ' Harry looked around the room his eyes landed on me, he pointed to me and said 'she's right there.' Harry said looking at me pleadingly, I was In shock.

Alanahs POV-

Louis looked shocked but mostly embarrassed. Why did I tell him I have a boyfriend seriously Alanah I screemed at myself In my head. 'Do you want a drink, I'm thirsty?' I said breaking the salience. Louis nodded and we walked over to the bar, I ordered a coke because I don't like drinking, I asked louis what he wanted, he got a cider. We went to go sit on a couch, and we talked for a bit. I told him about my family, pets, friends ,dancing and anything else you could think of. I didn't know much about him, well apart from random facts that my obsessed friends always tell me but I don't really listen to them, so he told me a bit about himself, like he has 4 sisters his parents are divorced, he told me a bit about the band and his friend. He was actually really nice and the rest of the boys didn't sound too bad either.

Louis' POV-

I found out that Alanah has a little brother,mum and dad, that her friend Zara went to her school and dance school, but Alanah did distant education from grade 9 onwards so she could focus on her dance career. Her and her friends jasmine and Tyler have been best friends since they started dancing at the age of three. I found out that her friends Jasmine, Tyler and Zara are huge directioners, but she isn't, I'm planing on changing that.

Hi guys I'm so so so so sorry I havnt updated in ages. I'm going to try and update at least once every weekend, please tell me if you think this is good, like, comment, fav. I love you guys <3

-Zara :)

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