New Life, New Love

Sha is an 18 year old who just started schooling in an art school in England when she met five most cheekiest and adorable boys. Attracted by her lovely charm, Liam tried chasing for her heart but things won't be as easy as it seems when jealousy, popularity and hates hits up one by one.


20. Worst Day Of My Life


I made my way to Louis's car and got in. He started the engine and we drove to Eleanor's place first to pick her up then to my manager's place. 

Louis: "So love, how are things going on between you and Liam?"

Sha: "It's great! I'm thankful I met him, he's a very nice person."

Louis: "He is! And I'm happy you both met, at least he won't feel lonely. And I've never ever seen him this happy before babe, he's lucky to have a very gorgeous girl with a kind heart."

Sha: "Awww you're so sweet Louis, thank you so much for the kind words!"

We arrived at El's place, I got off the passenger seat and greeted El and gave her a hug. She's so pretty and Louis is so lucky to have her!

Eleanor: "Hey there! I finally get to meet you, honey! I'm Eleanor!" she said while giving me a wide smile.

Sha: "I'm Sha, it's nice to meet you, beautiful!"

She then got in the passenger seat and gave Louis a kiss as I seat at the back. Louis drove me to my manager's place which wasn't far from El's place. 

Louis: "We're here! I'll call you up once we're done at the mall and we can pick you up after, is that cool?"

Sha: "Definitely, thanks! I'll see you both later!"

I knocked on the door and was welcomed by Heidi, my manager. 

Heidi: "You're here! Come on in a join the rest!"

I got in and Rosie, Gisele, Miranda were there too. "Hey angels!" I cheered and gave them a hug. It's been so long since I last saw them! The last time I saw them was prolly a few months back when we were together for a fashion show. We had a really good catch up session and Heidi had a really good announcement. 

Heidi: "Angels! We are going to America for our next autumn winter collection fashion show!"

All of us burst out in excitement. America!? America is such a great city and for me to be a part of another show with the angels is just so amazing! I can't believe it! We shared hugs and drank our champagne which Heidi just popped for us.

Heidi: "Alright Angels, before I forget let's go up and get out new goodies from Victoria's Secret!"

We quickly ran up to Heidi's room out of excitement and her bed had VS goodies laid out for us. It was massive! There was lingerie, kinky nightwear (which I bet Liam loves it), perfume and also lotions. It's heavenly amazing. My phone rang and it was Louis, I picked up the call and he was already downstairs. I lost track of time and I forgot to call him up so he drove here instead. 

Sha: "I'm not done yet, I'm sorry Louis, but come on in and bring Eleanor along!"

Louis: "Alright!"

Heidi went downstairs and brought them up. I can see the look on  Louis's face when he saw the angels but he just acted cool in front of Eleanor. I introduced the angels to Louis and Eleanor and they clicked so fast! 

Liam's POV

I was done helping out Karen with the furniture so I went to a nearby cafe to have some coffee. A woman who was wearing a tight black dress came up to me and ask if I need accompany. I rejected her nicely and looked away. She got angry I guess cause her face change and frowned. Still, I looked away.

Gina's POV

Just my lucky day. That bitch's boyfriend is here at the cafe that I'm at right now. Without any hesitation, I approached him and flirted with him a little. Well he's a bad one, trying hard to get and rejected me. I took some pills and put it in his drinks without him realizing. Stupid boy. I backed away, 5 minutes later I came back to him. He was already weak when I came to him. Nice, now I'm going to bring him back home and have a little fun! Told ya, Sha..I'm going to make your life a living hell!

Sha's POV

It was getting late so I packed goodies up and just as I was about to leave Heidi's room..I felt the urge to look on the left to check whether I left anything there. My heart sank when I saw Liam and Gina by the window at the next house. Gina was kissing my boyfriend and she's was trying to get the clothes off Liam. I just couldn't...

"LIAM!!!!!!" I shouted. Everyone paused and looked at me. It got them scared when I screamed.

Liam's POV

I heard Sha screaming my name and it made me snapped out! I turn to the right and I saw Sha, Liam, Eleanor and four other girls looking at me. I got so shocked and as I turned to the front I saw the girl that approached me at the cafe earlier on. 

Liam: "Sha! It's not what you think!! Ewww slut get off me!! See what you've done!" that slut gave me a "whatever" look at backed away.

I adjust my clothes and ran out to chase after Sha. I just couldn't believe what had just happened. I didn't even realize that she took me home. I...I don't know I'm so confused. What happened?! I know Sha's so damn pissed at me right now, I'm just afraid she wouldn't wanna see my face anymore. Look at what happened!! I ran out and Louis car just went off. I hailed a cab and hurried home.

Sha's POV

I couldn't believe it. Gina's a bitch! A whore! I ran to Louis's car and got him to bring me home. He was so upset to see what Liam did to me. He didn't expect him to do this to me. The ride home was really intense, I didn't even say a word. Liam and us reached at our place at the same timing. I was in no mood to see his face! I opened the door and ran up to the room, Liam wanted to chase after me but Louis grabbed his arms and stopped him.

Louis: "What has go into you?! I'm dissapointed!"

Liam: "Let go of me!"

Liam's POV

I ran up to the room and it was locked, Sha locked the door and I begged her to let me in but she just wouldn't wanna see my face.

Sha's POV

"I don't want to see you Liam! Let me be alone!!" I shouted. Finally it was silent. I heard someone dashed up seconds after.

Louis: "Sha come out come out!! Liam passed out!!"

Liam passed out?! Even though I was angry, I quickly opened the door and there he was..Liam was lying unconsciously on the cold wooden floor. Eleanor called the ambulance and Louis and I got him up and laid him on the bed. What has just happened?!

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