New Life, New Love

Sha is an 18 year old who just started schooling in an art school in England when she met five most cheekiest and adorable boys. Attracted by her lovely charm, Liam tried chasing for her heart but things won't be as easy as it seems when jealousy, popularity and hates hits up one by one.


15. Unexpected text.

"Boys! We gotta get ready we have a meeting with Simon at the studio!" Zayn shouted as he locked his iPhone. "Let's go get ready and rush there so we could end the meeting earlier and have the whole day to ourselves after that!"

"Babe, do you wanna tag along with us?" Liam asked. 

"No it's okay! I'll stay home and clean up, you lads aren't gonna take that long right, so I'll just wait at home!" I said as I finished my last piece of bacon. Liam gave me a kiss, "Alright I'll go get ready now."

They boys then went up and started getting ready while I was downstairs cleaning up the kitchen.

30 minutes later, one by one came running down hugging me, "Ok Sha! See you in an hour time babe, we love you!" Louis shouted as he made his way to the door. I hugged Liam as he made his way to the door too.

Since I was done cleaning up the kitchen I went up to Liam's room and laid down on his sofa bed. As I was about to take a nap, my phone beeped and there was a text from an unknown number.

"Hello bitch, I see you everywhere on twitter and you still exist huh? Well I'm back and I'll make your life as miserable as it was before I left. Hah! You're dating a gorgeous boy from One Direction huh? Well it won't be soon till he breaks up with you and make me his girlfriend. You're an ugly piece of shit, he is probably making you as his toy! I'll see you soon little bitch, remember, I'm going to make your life fucking miserable. -Gina"

I threw my phone on the wall out of anger when I read the text causing my phone to screen to crack. Gina is a popular bitch who always makes my life miserable when I was schooling in Singapore. She was so frustrated when I got to be a model for Victoria's secret that she made my life a living hell. That bitch would steal my boyfriend and made everyone hate me. She's capable of doing anything and I'm just afraid that she might destroy my relationship with Liam. Why can't I be happy? Why is my life so full of problems? Just as I'm about to be happy something else just had to come up and crumble my happiness away. I grabbed my skateboard, changed to my skate shoes and went downstairs. Just as I'm about to leave to the skate park, the front door opened and the lads came in. They're home earlier than I expected but I was not in the mood to talk so I looked down and dashed in front of them. Zayn and Harry backed away and a worried look built up in their faces. Niall and Louis on the other hand got lost.

Liam: "Hey Sha, what's wrong?"

As he grabbed my arms trying to stop me.

Sha: "Park, leave me alone."

I threw my board on the floor and skated away and Liam came running after me.

Liam's POV

I know whenever she's going to the park it means something's disturbing her or she's either having problems. She always skates to keep her mind off things. But as a boyfriend, I wanted to be there for her whenever she has problems. Her problems are now mine too and I will try my best to solve everything and be there for her through tick and thin.

I ran to her and grabbed her arm  and she dragged her board causing it to stop.

Liam: "Baby stop! What's wrong?"

Sha: "It's nothing!"

Liam: "I know there's something wrong, I can tell cause you're going to skate to take your mind off things. Come on baby, I'm your boyfriend."

Sha threw her board on the floor and started crying. I pulled her closer and gave her a tight hug. I just can't bare looking at her like this, breaks my heart every time she's hurt. I scooped her bridal style and carried her to our backyard and I laid on the swing bed, laying her on top of my lap. 

Liam: "It's okay baby, I'm here..tell me what's wrong?"

I looked at her in the eyes building up a concern look on my face as her tears stream down her cheeks and I rubbed it away using my thumb.

Sha: "I got a text earlier from Gina."

Liam: "Gina?"

Sha: "Gina's my enemy when I was in Singapore. She makes my life a  living hell and now she's in London. I'm afraid, Liam..she mentioned your name and I'm just afraid that she might destroy our relationship. She's capable of doing anything which scares me most."

Liam: "Hey hey Nothing, nothing can ever break us apart. I'm deeply in love with you. Don't worry alright, for as long as I'm alive, I'll be by your side taking care of you. I love you Sha.."

I pulled a strand of her hair backwards and leaned in for a kiss. We kissed so passionately and she laid on top of me. My body were in between of her legs and her hands was on my chest. I put my hands at the side of her face and slit my tongue in her mouth, she's an awesome kisser. It got so intense after a while! She bit my lips and it made me so weak! 

"OH GET A ROOM YOU TWO AND STOP GETTING ALL MUSHY OUT THERE!" Harry shouted. He just had to ruin the moment!

I looked to my right and the boys were looking at me and Sha at the glass door laughing away and showing kissy kissy faces, that's a little embarrassing! 

Sha's POV

We made out on the swing bed at his backyard and I swear it was heavenly! Liam's such a great kisser and I love the way he takes control of it. But it got a little embarrassing when the boys saw us, I got a little shy! They boys are so cheeky! And, I'm lucky I met Liam, he loves me so much and he will always assure me that everything will be okay. It really makes me feel secure.

"How come you're home early babe?" I asked.

Liam: "Simon had something important and it was last minute, so we drove back home!"

Sha: "Hey, since all of you aren't doing anything today, why don't I bring you all to my pent house? I have a mini skate park in my backyard, we can all skate!"

Liam: "That will only sound great if I knew how to skate and we don't have any skateboards!"

Sha: "Everything will be taken care of!"

I grabbed Liam and went in the house. Louis was watching the telly, Harry was busy tweeting on his macbook and Niall was strumming the guitar while Zayn sings.

"Boys, we're going skateboarding at my place!" I shouted.

Zayn: "Skateboarding? I'm up for it!"

Harry: "Skateboarding at your place? What do you mean your place?"

Sha: "I have a mini skate park at my place love!"

Niall: "But we don't have any skateboard!"

Sha: "Everything is taken care of, let's go!"



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