New Life, New Love

Sha is an 18 year old who just started schooling in an art school in England when she met five most cheekiest and adorable boys. Attracted by her lovely charm, Liam tried chasing for her heart but things won't be as easy as it seems when jealousy, popularity and hates hits up one by one.


16. Skateboarding With My Boys.

We got in the car and I drove them to my pent house. While in the car, the boys won't stop playing around! Especially Louis, he wouldn't stop shouting in the car! "CARROTS. LARRY!!!" he shouts. HAHA. He's mentally ill!

After a few minutes we arrived at the pent house and nobody was home. "Woah this is such a huge home!" Harry cheered.

Zayn: "You live here all by yourself?!"

Sha: "Nope, my cousin lives with me too!"

Niall: "It's a huge home, I bet there's a huge kitchen and also lots of food am I right?"

Sha: "Nope, we don't."

Niall looked at me in disgust!

Sha: "I'm kidding Nialler, we have a storage room full of junk food!"

Then he lighten up a bit, Oh Nialler! 

Sha: "Alright, come  on in!"

The lads followed me in and I escorted them up to the third floor of my pent house. Yes third floor, my cousin's are dead rich! Everyone looked around so amazed seeing my home and they were like "woah woah woah!" when the see something sick!

"My gosh!! This is sick!!" Zayn shouted. "This is like the coolest thing ever!!"

As I opened the door to a huge room full of skateboards. You can find almost everything in this room!

Sha: "Alright lads! Grab a skateboard and wheels that you like and come back to me! Knock yourself out!" I shouted making my way to the table where I always fix my skateboard.

Looking at them going crazy is funny, they're acting like kids fighting over toy cars. It really makes me happy seeing them, they're like the most amazing brothers you can never ask for. I caught myself staring at Liam's adorable smile, I've been attracted to it since the day I bumped in to him at school!

"WE'RE DONE!!!" the boys shouted as they came to me.

Sha: "Alright, lay it out on the table and I'll teach you all how to fix your own skateboard!"

After all the teaching and stuffs, they all got so excited to start skating. I couldn't let them start going down on ramps and stuffs so I gave them a skating lesson in the room. Zayn's like a pro, I was surprised that he knew how to skate! But the rest, they were having difficulties balancing which was really funny looking at them falling! I had a really good laugh!

Liam: "Oh you're laughing at us huh! We'll see who's laughing now!"

He carried me and laid me on a couch and the boys came after and started tickling me.

Louis: "That's what you get for messing with us little miss skater girl!"

Sha: "Stop! Stop! I can't breathe!!"

Harry: "If we stop, would you stop laughing?"

Sha: "Yes!! Please!!"

They all stopped and walked away I ran behind Liam and jumped on him and started rubbing his bald head!

Liam: "Ahhhhh! Lads get her!!"

Liam lost his balance and fell backwards on the couch, I lost my grip on him and again the lads started tickling me again!


Niall: "Are you sure!?"

Sha: "Yes!!"

Everyone stopped and I was so exhausted to get up! 

Zayn: "You really are one brave girl aren't you!" he said.

I giggled and got up from the couch, it's been an half of hour since the lads practiced and they all got a hold of it so to make it more fun I opened one of the door in the room which was a ramp that goes down to the mini skate park that I have in my backyard.

"WHAT!? THIS IS INSANE!!" all of them shouted as I threw my deck on the floor and skated down to the ramp. As I got down, I dragged my board making it stop and looked up at the boys. They were sharing shocked faces and calling me crazy.

"Come on down! It's fun!" I shouted. Zayn put his deck down and skated down to the ramp, he wasn't afraid, well he had experience skating!

I gave him a hand shake like how skaters does and hugged him.

Sha: "Fun isn't it?"

Zayn: "It's massively insane! I think I'm going to be here often!" he cheered with a whole lot of excitement!

"Come on down guys it's fun!!"

Sha: "It's okay you three! If you fall, you all will be landing in soft cushions so it won't hurt!"

Feeling rather assured, they all came down one by one and surprisingly they didn't fall!

Niall: "Woah that was so much fun!! I'm doing that again!" he got up and skated down the ramp again.

We all started having fun skating at my mini skate park, it was a great day! 

Zayn: "Hey Sha, game of skate?"

Sha: "You sure though? What if I kick your ass?"

Liam and Louis was like "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...."

Zayn: "I'm badass bradford bad boy, girl, don't look down on me!"

Sha: "Alright Zayn whatever you say, Ro Sham Bo!"

Zayn: "Haha me first!"

The game of skate has officially started! Zayn was so competitive and he landed a few tricks which got me a little nervous. 

Zayn: "Ah hah! Take that little miss skater girl!"

I stick out my tongue and punched his arm. Now it's my turn and I landed all of my tricks nicely.

Sha: "Last chance for you to back away Zayn, if not you're going to get it from me! "

Zayn: "I'm so scared." he said that without even moving a muscle in his face.

I WON! I landed my last trick and Liam, Niall, Harry and Louis was cheering for me and Zayn on the other hand knelt down not believing that he lost to a girl!

Louis: "Zaynster, you got owned by a girl!"

Harry: "That's embarrassing mate!"

I came to Zayn and gave him a hug and helped him up. 

Sha: "Come on Zayn, it was just a game! But a good one though!"

Zayn: "It's okay, I'll win the next time."

It was already getting late and we didn't even realized that it was already 10:00pm. And all of us are starting to get hungry I brought them in the house and asked to to grab anything they want in the storage I keep all of the junk food in. As they were busy grabbing the whole storage I called Nandos and ordered some food.

"Everyone done?" I asked. "Yes Sha!" they shouted while munching on junks. 

Sha: "Okay, let's get going, Nandos are on the way!"

Niall: "Nandos? You've ordered Nandos? YOU ARE LIKE THE BEST SISTER EVER." he shouted!

We made our way to the car and Liam drove us home. As we arrived home, Nando's was just on time! Everyone got out of the car and grabbed the food from the delivery boy and Liam payed for it. Within minutes, the lads was already done eating. 


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