New Life, New Love

Sha is an 18 year old who just started schooling in an art school in England when she met five most cheekiest and adorable boys. Attracted by her lovely charm, Liam tried chasing for her heart but things won't be as easy as it seems when jealousy, popularity and hates hits up one by one.


10. New Day.

I woke up the next morning and I see Liam putting on his shirt.

Sha: "Morning Liam!" I greeted. 

Liam: "Hey morning love! How are ya feeling?"

Sha: "A little dizzy and  back  still hurts a little.."

Liam: "Aww love, ok let me help you get up and we can have some breakfast and then  you  can  eat your medicines!"

Sha: "Sure Liam."

Liam helped me up and carefully brought me downstairs for breakfast. Niall, Zayn, Harry and Louis were already downstairs having their breakfast.

Liam: "Morning  boys!" he cheered.

Every cheered a Good Morning and gave a huge smile. It really makes me happy to see them this early. It was never like this back home. Yeah my cousins and I are very protective over each other but then, I wasn't as happy as I'am right now.

Liam: "So Sha, me and the lads have something to tell you. We want you to stay here for as long as you want to. It might not be save for you to go back home, since your still injured. Also, what if something happens to you again and no one is there for you?"

Niall: "Yeah Sha, you should stay here, we're going to be there for you. You're like our little princess now!"

To know that the boys really do care for me makes me so special. I'm still afraid of going home, what if Zacky comes back for revenge? So I thought, maybe staying with the boys would be great.

Sha: "Ok then, that'd be great! So what are we going to do today?"

Zayn: "Let's stay home and play board games since our little princess is still injured! Or we can just chillout at the backyard sharing stories, that sounds like a lot of fun!"

Harry: "Alright why not! Plus, it's cold out there!"


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