New Life, New Love

Sha is an 18 year old who just started schooling in an art school in England when she met five most cheekiest and adorable boys. Attracted by her lovely charm, Liam tried chasing for her heart but things won't be as easy as it seems when jealousy, popularity and hates hits up one by one.


14. Hates.

Liam's POV 

I woke up the next morning with Sha held in my arms, what a good way to start my day! I carefully got up from the bed and washed up. It was 10 in the morning, still early and the boys aren't up yet so I decided to head to McDonalds to grab some breakfast for the boys and Sha. After I'm done getting ready, Sha woke up. 

"Goodmorning beautiful!" I cheered. Her morning face is too adorable and her hair messy bun was all over the place which is too cute! 

Sha: "Morning baby, where are you going to this early?

Liam: "I'm going to grab some breakfast, would you like to accompany me honey?"

Sha: "Yes! I'm hungry :(, let me go get ready, give me 20 minutes and I'll be down!"

Sha's POV

I quickly grabbed a simple black cropped top and denim shorts and head to the bathroom to wash up. I tied my hair into a messy bun and put on my Raybans since it was sunny. I went downstairs and Liam was already waiting for me at the door.

Sha: "Alright, I'm ready, let's go!" 

I grabbed my phone and went out and got in the car.

While Liam drove, I turned on my phone and got like 500+ notifications. Woah! What is this? I got on my twitter app and got so much mentions from strangers. Mostly were fans of One Direction! I checked what was the trending topic it stated there the number one trending topic worldwide was 


A photo of me and Liam kissing on the bridge was all over twitter! How did they get this photo? As I checked my mentions, I received a numerous amount of hates. 

@liamlove69 : Who does this "angel" think she is? She doesn't deserve Liam!"

@Liamxxoo : Angel? She looks like a devil please everyone! She's ugly!"

@Onedladies: That girl who is dating Liam is soooo ugly and I don't get how she can be a VS model. Fuck her

"Well babe, I think your fans hates me! Look at my mentions or twitter, people are saying that I'm ugly!" I said to Liam. I wasn't really pissed though, it didn't get me. I know this would happened. I was so carefree when I received this hates. These girls are prolly just jealous that I'm dating Liam.

"I'm sorry love I got you into this, but please don't listen to them. You are beautiful!" he said.

How sweet is Liam?! 

We arrived at Macs drive thru and ordered some breakfast and went home straight!

"Boys! Mcdonalds' breakfast deluxe is waiting for all of you!" I shouted just as I arrived back home. Within seconds the boys ran down and grabbed the food from my hands. Liam looks at me, nodded and gave me a smile as he closed to door.

"Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!" Niall cheered as he grabbed a pancake and stuffed it in his mouth full of food. He is so in love with food that I think he would marry food if he could!

They boys were happily eating, sheesh I bet they're very hungry! I took out Liam's breakfast meal and passed it to him. "Thanks beautiful!" he said while giving me a kiss on the cheeks.

"Awww look at you two lovebirds, so in love with each other!" Harry cheered.

I'm glad that we had 2 weeks break from school, being with the boys really makes me happy. I love them a lot!

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