New Life, New Love

Sha is an 18 year old who just started schooling in an art school in England when she met five most cheekiest and adorable boys. Attracted by her lovely charm, Liam tried chasing for her heart but things won't be as easy as it seems when jealousy, popularity and hates hits up one by one.


18. Cheeky Morning.

Liam's POV

I woke up naked with Sha held in my arms once again. Last night was so kinky! I got up and washed up and went down for breakfast. The lads were already awake by then and they're having breakfast which Harry had just made. 

Louis: "Well well well, look how it is! Mr Payne is finally awake!" I gave a smirked and took out a bowl and poured some cereal.

Harry: "So, what's it like doing it with an Angel?"

Zayn; "I bet you're good cause I had trouble sleeping last night because of you two!"

I grabbed the empty cereal box and threw it at Harry's face.

Liam: "Shut up you two!!"

Sha came down a few minutes later and joined us for breakfast. As she sat down, Harry and Zayn gave me a twisted smile trying to tease me over what happened last night between me and Sha. I just ignored them and kissed Sha.

Sha: "Good morning everyone!" she cheered.

Harry: "Well you're in a good mood huh huh huh!"

Liam: "Harry stop it!" I shouted at him and mess up his curly wurly hair.

Sha: "Where's Niall?"

Harry: "Oh he's still in bed, he's not feeling well today"

Zayn: "Hey guys look at this!"

We gathered around Zayn as he showed us something from his macbook. It was pictures of us skating yesterday at Sha's place.

Harry: "My gosh, paparazzi's are such creepy stalkers!"

My phone buzzed and it was a text from Karen, my mum.

~Liam honey, could you come home for a while? I ordered a new furniture last week and it's coming today and I can't manage it on my own~

~Sure mum, will be there in a bit!~

Liam: "Hey baby, I need to head to my mum's place, do you wanna accompany me?"

Sha: "Oh dear babe, I can't I'm sorry. Am actually going to my manager's place to grab the new items from Victoria's Secret."

Liam: "Alright, it's okay. Do you need a ride there?

I got cut by Louis just as I was about to reply to Liam..

Louis: "I'm actually going to the mall with Eleanor, maybe we can give you a ride first if you want to, babe?"

Sha: "Yes sure! You can introduce me to your gorgeous girlfriend too!"

Liam: "Alright I better go get ready!"



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