New Life, New Love

Sha is an 18 year old who just started schooling in an art school in England when she met five most cheekiest and adorable boys. Attracted by her lovely charm, Liam tried chasing for her heart but things won't be as easy as it seems when jealousy, popularity and hates hits up one by one.


23. Anger.

Zayn and Harry brought Liam up to his room so he could rest and he fell asleep as soon as he was on the bed. I made my way to the backyard and sat on the swing bed, thinking. I don't want my life to be a living hell like how it was when I was in Singapore. I don't want to have this fear in me, I'm really tired of it. Zayn, Niall, Louis and Harry came out and joined me.

Harry: "Hey lovely, are you okay?"

Sha: "Yeah, I'm good."

Zayn: "We're here, you can talk to us. I know you need somebody to talk to" while lighting up a ciggarette. 

Sha: "I- I just had enough of this sadness in me, I'm tired. I'm really tired. And I'm just devastated to see what Liam did to me, such a painful sight."

Louis: "Love, I'm pretty sure he didn't know what was happening."

Niall: "It's okay Sha, you both should probably talk about it once Liam is well, alright?"

Sha: "Yes sure, thanks guys..I really appreciate it and lads, I'll be sleeping in the guest room of that's okay? I wanna give Liam some space since he's sick."

Harry: "Yeah babe you can, just tell us if you need anything.."

We had a really deep conversation, they are the most amazing band of brothers. I can literally tell them anything and everything without me feeling uncomfortable. It's nice. It 7pm in the afternoon by now so I decided maybe I could go skate for a while around the neighborhood. I told them that I'll be cruising around the neighborhood. They do know what I'm going through and yeah they also know that skating makes me feel a lot better. They gave me a hug and forehead kisses and I went off. It was cold and dark but it makes my mind at ease, I cruised around the neighborhood just chilling and sat at the nearby park which Liam brought me to a week back.  I sat down thinking about how my life is messed up minus the part where I'm living with One Direction. It's already getting late so I cruised back home. I opened the front door and Louis, Niall and Zayn was watching the telly while Harry was reading a book at the diner table. 

Louis: How's your skate session love?" he cheered and even though I wasn't really in a good mood, I still smiled back and told him it went well. As I went up to my room I heard Liam calling my name, I paused and sneaked my way to the guest room..

Liam: " Sha, please..I know you're there."

I look up and then look down to where Niall, Louis and Zayn was sitting..Louis moved his lips asking me to go in, gesturing me to come in to Liam's room. I gave a huge sigh and look down still keeping quiet.

Liam: "Sha, please..I know you're still angry at me, I'll explain to you what really happened. Please come here, please don't have to say a word. I just want you by my side, please Sha." he begged.

I walked slowly to his room and his eyes got bigger when he sees me but it pains my eyes to see him like that, so I laid beside him and rest my head on his chest. I can feel him feeling at ease when I'm by his side. My heart lighten up a little..I fell asleep on him apparently.


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