New Life, New Love

Sha is an 18 year old who just started schooling in an art school in England when she met five most cheekiest and adorable boys. Attracted by her lovely charm, Liam tried chasing for her heart but things won't be as easy as it seems when jealousy, popularity and hates hits up one by one.


3. A Night With The Boys!


We arrived at his place, it's a nice home and beautiful too. He gave me a smile and escorted me to the door..while we were walking someone shouted "SHAAAAAAA!!!!" and as I turned to my left Harry came running to me a scooped me bridal style and he ran into a pumped up play house full of slime in it and just threw me in there. Liam got thrown inside too!

"Very funny Harry, I didn't even bring any extra clothes to change!!" I shouted. He was just laughing away at me, "It's okay love, we have a lot of clothes than we can spare you!" Harry said laughing away. I lighten up abit and Zayn, Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam threw slime at me, we were all laughing and enjoying ourselfs! It was really fun!  

Liam's POV

 Even though I'm a little heartbroken that Sha has a boyfriend I still wanted to enjoy the day with her. So I put my feelings aside. To see her happy laughing away while we're playing with slime in the playhouse was priceless, her laugh is so cute and it really makes me happy when I see her enjoying her time with me and the boys! 

"Alright everyone that's enough! Let's go in a wash up and get ready for our movie night!" I shouted. We all went in the house and I told Sha that she could wash up in my room since it's connected to the bathroom which was easier. The lads all went to their respectives rooms. "Here babe, you can change into this when you're done washing up!"  

Sha's POV

Liam escorted me to his room, well it's not a surprise to see a guys room in a mess! He gave me a black onesie with cute polka dots printed on it to wear and I went to the bathroom and wash up. After I was done, I was feeling a little tired to I laid on his bed while waiting for him to wash up. Liam's such a a gentleman! Someone knocked on door..

"Oh Hey Zayn! What are you up to?"

Zayn: "Nothing, I always loved hanging out in Liam's room haha, he's the best buddy!"

Sha: "Ahhh, so you're the closest to him them?"

Zayn: "You can say that, also you look really cute in his onesie!" 

Zayn said that while pinching my nose.

Sha: "Awww Zayn don't say that, it makes me shy..but thank you though, you're not bad yourself!"  

By then, Liam's already gotten ready so we got downstairs and Louis, Niall and Harry were already waiting for us! It's so cute when I saw all of them wore onesies! It's a cold night so I bet everyone is feeling comfortable in onesies. We got in the car and Louis drove us to the nearest Tesco.

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