A girl named Sarah is a major fan of Justin Bieber and all she wants to do is meet him in person. Her life changes when she finds out he is touring around Canada and comes to her hometown Vancouver. She desperately wants to go so she tries everything in her power to get tickets to the show. A radio contest offers her the chance to win some VIP meet and greet tickets if you write in and explain in 100 words or less why you are Justin's biggest fan. She tries her luck and wins the tickets. Then her world starts to crumble right in front of her when her mother on the night of the concert and is rushed to hospital for emergency surgery after a car accident .Now she has to decide between meeting her dream crush after the concert or standing by her mom's side as she fights to recover and meet her at the hospital. Things get better because with the prays and help of god anything is possible if u BELIEVE.


5. The big night!! Turns bad (sort of)

I wake up that morning and realizing the time is here OCTOBER 11th is here. I get to meet Justin Bieber tonight. Everyone at work notices that day the excitement in my attitude and they are happy for me. I enjoy my day at work but I am constantly looking at the clock for it to be 4pm so work can be over and I can go home and get ready for the night of my life.

I rush home on the sky train to get ready. I put on my nice jeans a casual shirt and make up to look nice for justin because I was told I was getting a VIP pack with a Justin Bieber believe tour shirt and more at the concert. I phoned Jen I told her that I would meet her at the arena at 6:30pm half hour before the show. I hung up and the clock said 5:20pm. I rush to the train to get to the arena.

I arrive at the arena at 6:25pm to see Jen waiting for me at the entrance. I hand her ticket and wrist band and VIP necklace and we go through security escorted by some security people who bring us to our seats minutes before the show starts, they give us our believe shirts and tell us after the concert Justin will be back stage waiting with more gifts and surprises for u.

The show starts and the excitement in the arena grows. I can't believe this is happening. I see Justin come out and he starts with his single "Boyfriend." We sing along with thousands of screaming girls and watch as he smiles towards the crowd and scoops his hand out to the crowd to greet the girls. My heart feels like it is popping out of my chest as he touches my hand and smiles at me. He finishes the song and continues with other songs like " as long as u love me, baby and all around the world. He then comes to his song that every girl waits for, " one less lonely girl." A women with a tag on her shirt that says CREW grabs my hand and guides me on to the stage as she tells me that Justin has chosen me to be his one less lonely girl. I am so excited I wave to Jen as she cheers me on as I am lead on to the stage from the back and through a entrance to the stage onto a chair on the stage where I am given a bouquet of roses and Justin comes over to me and serenades me with the song. He gets closer and I start to sweat and tears stream down my face as he touches my hand and gives me a kiss on the cheek. OMG Justin just kissed me. He continues to look into my eyes and as he gets closer he kisses me on the cheek again. This night could not get any better. It does as he finishes the song takes my hand and leads me off stage, whispering in my ear, " see u later Sarah." I could not wait till the concert was over to see him.

After the concert we are rushed back stage through a crowd of screaming girls to Justin's dressing room where he was waiting for a meet and greet. A lady opens the door, and Jen and I walk in to see Justin sitting there waiting for us as he cooled off and he smiles as he takes me hand and tells me to sit down and cameras start to take pictures of us as he hugs us and we pose for pictures. This night gets better and better as I talk with Justin and I tell him about my studies and how I am becoming a teacher to work with young children. He smiles and says, " good job we need more people like u in the world." I tell him how amazing I think he is and how his music inspired me to never give up on my goals and dreams. He smiles and we continue to talk, but Jen leaves early because her ride was here to pick her up. Justin hugs her good bye and I wave as I sit and continue to talk with Justin. Just as he sits back down my phone plays "boyfriend" as it rings I answer it and my sister comes on the phone and says mom was rushed to the hospital after she was hit my a drunk driver on her way home from work.

Tears stream from my eyes as I finish telling her I am on my way to VGH. Justin looks at me and notices me cry and says with his arm around my shoulder," what happened. " I explain to him my mom was just in a car accident. He hugs me for a while as I tell him I have to leave early to see her. He understands and he tells Scooter that we need to drive her to the hospital. I thank him and we go to his car with his body guard and some other crew people and we drive to the hospital.

The whole way there Justin has his arm around me holding me and trying to keep me calm. We arrive and I rush to the front desk to find out the update on my mom. They tell me they have just finished surgery and everything went well. They lead me to her room and they allow Justin to follow me. We are stopped at the door and they tell us how do we know her. I tell them I am her daughter and this is Justin Bieber. Of course they did not say no to him. We enter the room to see the rest of my family sitting there next to my mom who is sitting up in bed half awake and trying to talk. I hug her and introduce everyone to Justin, they notice that I had a fun night up into now. We visit with my mom and then it gets late and a nurse tells us to leave because she needs her rest. We go and kiss my mom good bye. The rest of my family goes home and I tell them I will see them later because Justin's crew offers to drive me home.

So later on Justin and I go back to his hotel room and we talk. The rest of his crew members are there talking and relaxing as we join in and I try to relax. Justin puts his arm around me and tells me to Believe that everything will turn out ok. I believe him and we hug each other. It is getting late and I say my final good byes and thank Justin for an awesome and unforgettable night. He hugs and kisses me one more time, and just then he takes my iPhone and puts her cell number into it, and I do the same in his. He drives me home and gives me one last kiss good night and tells me to be strong and feel free to contact him whenever u want to talk. I agree and I get out of the car as it drives away.
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