A girl named Sarah is a major fan of Justin Bieber and all she wants to do is meet him in person. Her life changes when she finds out he is touring around Canada and comes to her hometown Vancouver. She desperately wants to go so she tries everything in her power to get tickets to the show. A radio contest offers her the chance to win some VIP meet and greet tickets if you write in and explain in 100 words or less why you are Justin's biggest fan. She tries her luck and wins the tickets. Then her world starts to crumble right in front of her when her mother on the night of the concert and is rushed to hospital for emergency surgery after a car accident .Now she has to decide between meeting her dream crush after the concert or standing by her mom's side as she fights to recover and meet her at the hospital. Things get better because with the prays and help of god anything is possible if u BELIEVE.


2. A typical day

My name is Sarah Harrison and I am currently going to school to earn my early childhood certificate. Working with children has always been a passion ever since I volunteered with girl guides and was a girl guide at the age of 7 I loved interacting with children and knew it would be a dream come true to pursue....well second to meeting my hero and inspiration Justin Bieber. I mean what ever he does he affects so many people and changes lives whether it be through music or charity work he shows to be the biggest 18 year old boy worldwide today.

So in order to become a teacher I needed to go back to school and study as hard as I could to prove what I really wanted. Since I already had a background in special needs with children I was able to find a awesome job in a daycare working as a casual teacher as I completed my ECE. So everyday Monday to Friday I work at 8 different centres and teach and learn with children ages 2-5 and go to school twice a week at night from 7-10pm to complete my child studies education. So basically my life consisted of work and school and my on going love for Justin Bieber on the side.

Everyday on the sky train I would listen to my iPod with my Justin Bieber tunes and read the latest news about him on my iPad. Updating my iPad photo album everyday I would explore fan sites and save photos to my device and post them all over my Facebook profile. Despite teasing from my siblings I took my mom's word and ignored them and did my own things and whatever made me happy.

So I was on my way to school after work and listening to my iPod when my phone rings. I pause my music and look to the screen to see the display says , Mom. I answer it, " hi mommy, how was your day." She says," very long, but over I am on my way home, how was your day with the kids." I smile and reply " awesome as usual, just on my way to school." She says good bye and hangs up the phone and I put my phone in my bag as I enter the sky train entrance I grab a local daily newspaper from the carrier. The front page has a picture of Justin Bieber on the front and the headline says," guess who is coming to Vancouver in October."

Now deep down inside I want to scream out loud with excitement, that my teen idol is coming to perform in my hometown. Could this be the opportunity for me to finally achieve my top dream and finally see him in person. I right away go to the ticket site and search Justin Bieber tickets and the result comes up with October 11th Rogers Arena. I click on the option to search available tickets and find out with one ticket would be almost 100 dollars. Well I know I had the money, but I had to pay for school. " bummer" I said as I closed the site and plugged headphones into my iPod and turned on the radio. I turned to my favourite station to hear advertisements about Justin and the believe tour coming to Vancouver. Now deep down inside I felt come on people why are you teasing me, you know tickets are expensive and not everyone could afford them. Just then the announcer says, " hey all you Bieber fans here is a chance to win VIP tickets to his concert October 11th at Rogers arena. Just then my heart stops as the announcer continues, " all you have to do is write in to us and tell us why you are Justin's biggest fan."

I am sure you can guess what I did next.... Yup I opened my email and wrote my letter to the stations email address provided and told them why I was Justin Bieber's biggest fan.

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