A girl named Sarah is a major fan of Justin Bieber and all she wants to do is meet him in person. Her life changes when she finds out he is touring around Canada and comes to her hometown Vancouver. She desperately wants to go so she tries everything in her power to get tickets to the show. A radio contest offers her the chance to win some VIP meet and greet tickets if you write in and explain in 100 words or less why you are Justin's biggest fan. She tries her luck and wins the tickets. Then her world starts to crumble right in front of her when her mother on the night of the concert and is rushed to hospital for emergency surgery after a car accident .Now she has to decide between meeting her dream crush after the concert or standing by her mom's side as she fights to recover and meet her at the hospital. Things get better because with the prays and help of god anything is possible if u BELIEVE.


1. Introduction

Every girl when they are young have a crush on a celebrity that sometimes their life revolves around. For me it was Justin Bieber , ever since he released his first hit single "Baby" I knew with his voice and amazing looks he was my dream man. My bedroom walls were plastered with her face and my cd shelf has all his albums and I listen to them day to day.

Of course as I got older I was teased by my brother and sister saying, you are so immature to have a crush on someone you would never meet. I knew they were wrong, and my mom supported me 100% and told me I can believe and do whatever my heart tells me.

So I did, I listened to my mom and keep up with my obsession. What girl does not have a crush on Justin Bieber. Like come on what is not to like. My dream was to meet him and person and let him know how much I admired what ever he did.
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