Back For You-Niall Horan Fanfic

Georgia was a regular directioner... like so many teenage girls on this planet. She lives with her sister and her mum, whose wages aren't getting them anywhere. When there is soon not enough money to feed all three of them, something has to be done. What will happen when Georgia discovers that all the family she knew weren't really her family and moves to London to her real blood and flesh?


8. Chapter 8: Publicity Problems

We were going on the London Eye, just like Zayn promised me. We had problems getting Louis to come. Eleanor left him a week before and Louis hadn't left his house for anything. Poor guy. I still don't know how the guys got him to come. But they did. I was so excited!

We were waiting in line. Niall and I kind of had to keep out distance, because even though people knew I was Zayn's sister, they didn't know about my relationship with Niall. We didn't want people to find out, because Niall was worried I wouldn't be able to deal with the hate. I trust him more than I trust myself so I decided to listen to him.

We got on the Eye and it slowly started moving. Lilli, who was visiting from Australia, was on as well. Personally, I thought that wasn't going to end well, but, hey, you never know! Lilli started to panic. '

Georgia, what if we fall and die?'

'We're not going to fall and die.'

'But maybe they haven't secured it properly!'

'If they didn't, we wouldn't be on it.'

'We could die!'

'Okay, stop, I'm scared now!'

Niall, who had overheard the conversation walked over to us.

'Lilli, we're not going to die! You guys have no reason to be scared.'

He walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, resting his head on my shoulder.

'You comfortable, Niall?' I asked sarcastically.

Suddenly, I saw a blindingly bright flash. What if it was the papparazzi? Had they found out? Uhhh, yes they did. We were both bombarded with questions from random people.

'Hey, Niall, is this your girlfriend?'

'Tell us about this girl!'

'Hey! Hey, Niall's girlfriend, look over here!'

'How long have you hidden this from the public?'

I was starting to freak out. This hadn't happened to me before.

Not even when they first found out I was Zayn's sister! Next thing I knew, Niall had grabbed my hand and pulled me out of this group of photographers and journalists. How did we end up with the papparazzi anyway? They could be anywhere on the Eye and they all end up over where we are?

'Georgia, are you okay?' Niall asked.

They guys (and Lilli) came over.

'Da hell just happened?' asked Zayn.

'You guys alright?'

'That is very different to anything I have EVER experienced before!' I don't think that really answered the question, but, you know.

It worked for that moment. I was kind of freaked out, but I would get over it. Maybe....


Tow days later, I was sleeping in. Lilli went home late last night, and I waited up with her.

Suddenly, Zayn came rushing in.

'Georgia!' he whispered. 'Georgia, wake up!'

I rolled over. 'Do I have to?'

'I got a text from Niall. He told me to show you what was on the news.'

'Wouldn't it already be finished?'

'It's coming up after the ad.'

I groaned and rolled out of bed. I had no excuses.

Slowly, I climbed down the stairs and turned on the TV. Just in time!

"'Is Niall Horan hiding something? He was seen in the London Eye yesterday with this mysterious girl.'" A picture of Niall and I was shown on the screen. "'Is this One Direction heartthrob still single?'"

My eyes were wide. I couldn't believe what I was watching. Oh no. I flopped on the couch.

'Why? Why? Why?' I stated dramatically.

Next thing I knew, my phone was buzzing. And buzzing. And buzzing. Heaps and heaps of Twitter notifications. How did they get my Twitter-name?

Let's just say, some of these people hated my guts. Literally, they were calling me fat. Of course, they were calling me other things as well. (But I don't swear so I'm not going to say what they were.) I'm never going to be able to deal with this.

Eventually, I got the end of the long, long line of tweets. Some of the people were nice enough, but others just couldn't stand hearing about me. I read the last tweet and broke down. Zayn walked up behind me and hugged me.

'It's okay. Everything's gonna be alright.' He comforted.

After a while of listening to me sob, Zayn took a long, deep breath and sighed.

'Look, maybe you and Niall being together... isn't the best idea.' He stated.

'What? No!' I whispered.

Before Zayn could say anything, my phone buzzed on last time. Halfheartedly, I unlocked it. Another tweet. Great. Fantastic.

But then came the one thing I needed to prove Zayn wrong about Niall and I....

'@NiallOfficial: Please don't give her any hate. I love her, and we're happy together. If you can't accept that, I'm sorry. You'll have to deal with that on your own. Please. Don't make her have to go through all that.'

A/N: Sorry I haven't updated lately, guys! I haven't had much time at home. We are on school holidays now, so I will have heaps of time to update! Oh, and Lilli? Sorry, I mentioned you on ferris wheels...

So nothing's came to drag Louis out of this seemingly endless pit. Who will come to save him? And then, there's Niall and Georgia's problem, Niall has come to the rescue! But that won't stop the hate. Will Georgia learn that the haters words aren't particularly true? Can she do this with the help of her boyfriend?

One last shout-out to my friend (Loveable_Mel) PLEASE READ 'LAST KISS', THE TOMMO LOVE STORY!!!!!!!

Thanks guyzzzzz!


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