Back For You-Niall Horan Fanfic

Georgia was a regular directioner... like so many teenage girls on this planet. She lives with her sister and her mum, whose wages aren't getting them anywhere. When there is soon not enough money to feed all three of them, something has to be done. What will happen when Georgia discovers that all the family she knew weren't really her family and moves to London to her real blood and flesh?


5. Chapter 5: The problem with Niall

It was two weeks since I'd moved in with Zayn. I loved it here. I'd gone to see the guys in the studio recording some songs a couple of times. El came as well. It was so funny in between songs, because everyone just started goofing around. Zayn was making faces at me between solos. Did I mention Zayn can make some seriously hilarious faces? Although Niall was acting like normal now, he still couldn't look me in the eye.  

We were back at home, doing nothing. Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

'I'll get it!' I jumped up and ran to the door. It was Liam and Niall. 'Hi guys! What are you doing here?' Zayn came up behind me to see what was going on.

'Hi Georgia! Hey, Zayn! Actually, Niall has a confession to make to you, Georgia....' Liam started.

I was confused. Had I done something and he was angry at me? What could I have done, though? I don't recall doing anything to hurt him! Maybe I did without realising. Or maybe I... I needed to stop worrying. It was probably nothing major.

It seemed like hours before Liam said, 'I'll leave you guys alone to work it out.' and walked past me, taking Zayn with him.

Niall just looked at the ground.

'Niall? Are you okay? What's the matter?'

'I.. I... I just... maybe... sort of... ummm...'

'Niall, you can tell me anything. You can trust me.' I comforted.

He looked up. 'I.. I kind of have a... well... a bit of a crush on you, Georgia, and....' He stopped and stared at the ground again. 'I'm sorry. I didn't know how to tell you. I was scared you wouldn't feel the same way. This has probably ruined our friendship....' he drifted off.

'Really?' I asked, stunned.

'I never understood what love was really like

But I found it for the first time looking in your eyes.' he sang. By this point I was almost in tears. Literally, like my eyes were on the brim of tears. 'Really.' he whispered, and looked at the ground again.

'Who said I didn't feel the same?' It was true. I did like him. Like, LIKE like him. Only Zayn knew. He told me over and over that I should tell Niall because maybe he felt the same way, but all I heard was the word 'maybe'. That meant he might not.

'What?' Niall asked looking up.

'I was scared you wouldn't feel the same. If I'd known you felt the same way about me as I feel about you, I would've told you in a heartbeat.'

'Really?' Niall asked, his face lighting up.

'Actually, I still probably would've been too chicken to tell you.' I laughed.

Niall laughed too. This was the happiest I'd seen him. I was so glad.

'Will you be my girlfriend?' he asked.

'Of course I will!' I smiled. Niall pulled me into a hug.

'Thank you.. so much.' he whispered.

Liam and Zayn poked their heads around the corner.

'YES!' Liam cried, running up to them. 'YOU TOLD HER! YOU TOLD HER!'

'You've been in London for two weeks and you have already scored yourself a boyfriend? Damn, you're good.' Zayn laughed.

This was the happiest I had felt in a long, long time.

A/N: Hello, my good and faithful readers! (<-- melodramatic much? :D!) So now you know what was wrong with Niall! He finally told Georgia, and the two of them have become an item! Sorry this chapter is so short. Keep reading! Thanks everyone!




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