Back For You-Niall Horan Fanfic

Georgia was a regular directioner... like so many teenage girls on this planet. She lives with her sister and her mum, whose wages aren't getting them anywhere. When there is soon not enough money to feed all three of them, something has to be done. What will happen when Georgia discovers that all the family she knew weren't really her family and moves to London to her real blood and flesh?


3. Chapter 3: New home

We were all piled into this massive van. I was in the passenger seat beside Zayn, who was driving (obviously) and we were all laughing hysterically at some random comment Louis made about how much he likes rats who eat carrots. I loved this new life so much, and it had only been my new life for about 20 minutes.

But as much as I loved it, it pained me to think of how much it reminded me of home. One thing in particular: Louis. He was so much like my friend, Lilli. I mean, those random sentences that are so irrelevant to every situation you may be in. It was easy to picture Lilli sitting on some stairs in a kind of corridor with a hat, salt, tea and picklejam. She also threatened to eat my cat once. Strange, right? Well, that was kind of what Louis was like.

It's not that I was getting homesick, I mean, life at home with no money was barely worth even trying to earn the money. Now I'm about to live with a global pop sensation, who doesn't need to worry about the money like we did before. Homesick? No. More like, missing Australia, loving England.

I stared at the view out the window while Harry talked about a fan he met in Australia who he kind of liked. I saw the London Eye.

'Whoa...' I couldn't help but say.

Harry stopped midsentence and laughed.

'I see you've spotted that big ferris wheel over there?' he smiled.

'No, she thinks the tar on London's roads are simply amazing...' Liam said sarcastically.

I laughed. 'I thought the Ferris wheels we had at Sydney's main showgrounds were big!' I said, turning around to look at Zayn. 'Suddenly, they all seem so... miniscule!'

They guys laughed at my reaction.

'Don't worry, someday I'll take you for a ride on it.' Zayn smiled.

'Okay, but... I might be freaking out for a bit!'

'Are you scared of heights?' Louis said, his voice high pitched.

I laughed at Louis.

'People aren't afraid of heights, they're afraid of falling.' I smiled. 'And until I get used to it, then I do freak out a bit at the start! But I'll get over it.'

We pulled up at a house. It was big; a double-storey house, I would think. Louis opened the car door and started running in circles around the car, yelling random words at the top of his lungs. I followed suit, minus the running and the yelling. Zayn stepped out of the car and got some of my luggage out of the boot of the car. I grabbed some stuff as well, being careful to avoid getting trampled by Louis. Zayn noticed and laughed.

'Once you get used to Louis, you'll be able to walk calmly again.' He said, laughing again.

'Is he always like this?' I asked.

'Yes.' All the guys said in unison (except Louis, who was still running around the car). I couldn't help but laugh. That was something I did a lot, laughing. My friends told me I had a cute laugh. I found my laugh extremely annoying, probably because I heard it so much.

I was about to reply, but Louis came flying around the other side of the car and pounced on Zayn's back, startling me.

'YAAHHHHHHHHH!' he yelled loudly. 'GIDDY UP, HORSIE!'

I nearly died. It was so funny. Zayn started running around in circles, only because Louis commanded him to. There were two things running through my head, one being 'weirdos' and the other bieng 'idiots'. I was having too much fun (or laughing too much) to know how jet-lagged I was. Until my phone rang. It was Lilli.

'HI GEORGIA!' Lilli yelled into the phone.

'Hi Lilli!' I replied a little more calmly than her as I walked inside the door Liam was holding open for me.

'Thanks.' I mouthed. Liam just smiled.


'Whoa, slow down!' I said, flustered.

'Sorry. Well, have you?'

'Yeah.' Louis started poking my arm. Repeatedly. And it was annyoing. Really annoying. 'Louis! Stop!' I giggled.


'Stop shouting, yes I am!'

'Okay, I'm going to stop shouting now. I gotta go. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MET ONE DIRECTION WITHOUT ME! I was just checking you got there safely. Byeeee!'

'Alright, thanks Lilli. Seeya!'

'Who was that?' Asked Zayn.

'My friend, Lilli. She was just checking I got here safely.'

'Well? Did you get here safely?' Louis asked in the typical-Louis way.

'That would be kind of freaky if she didn't,' Harry said. 'Very freaky.' I smiled.

Zayn carted a suitcase up the stairs.

'Here, I'll show you to your room,' he looked at me. 'It just up these stairs and it's the second door you walk past. I'll take your suitcases up.'

'Thanks, Zayn.' I replied, and followed him up the stairs, carrying my duffel bag.

I was worried about Niall. He hadn't said anything. He said a couple of sentences at the airport, and they barely even showed his amazing Irish accent. He was so different on TV and in interviews and music videos. What was wrong with him?

I made a decision right then and there.

I'm going to find out.

A/N: Two chapters down in one day. :D Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze another one in before I have to go to bed, but if I don't at least I'll be started with chapter four! Feedback please? PLEASE? I really hope you guys like it. Keep reading!



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