Back For You-Niall Horan Fanfic

Georgia was a regular directioner... like so many teenage girls on this planet. She lives with her sister and her mum, whose wages aren't getting them anywhere. When there is soon not enough money to feed all three of them, something has to be done. What will happen when Georgia discovers that all the family she knew weren't really her family and moves to London to her real blood and flesh?


26. Chapter 27: Facing the monster

Georgia P.O.V.

I couldn't escape. He seemed to be lurking behind each door. My desperate escape was getting me nowhere, literally. I found myself in the exact same room every time I opened a new door. The rooms where all white with nothing inside. Just a blinding white loomed around me.

As I made a turn and opened a door, I saw something. There was something in the room. Another door. A rose amongst the dying leaves. I ran to the door and gripped the handle, but wait... it was locked. I shook on the door and pounded at it with my fists. Nothing. Not a budge. Suddenly the room grew dark. A dark shadow towered over me. I turned around. There he was. Josh. His arms outstretched, like a lion, ready to pounce on his prey. I ducked and sat in a curled ball on the ground, my arms thrown over my head protectively. 

Ba-dum. Ba-dum. For a moment, the only sound I heard was my own heart, throbbing painfully in my chest. He stooped down and reached out to grab me....

I woke up to see Niall beside me, rubbing my back.

'It's okay, baby, everything is fine.'

I hugged him. 

Niall P.O.V.

The light of the moon peered through the thin, drawn curtains. Georgia was lying next to me, tossing and turn in a fitful sleep. Not that I blame her. I think that the reason she isn't sleeping well is the same reason I'm not sleeping at all. He could be anywhere. I reached over her, over to the bedside table and checked my watch. 2:30 am. I placed the watch back on the table, sighing.

I looked at Georgia and noticed dots of sweat on her forehead. She must be having a nightmare. My immediate reaction was to wake her up.

I rolled over and rested on my arm. I reached over with my free arm and rubbed her back. 

'Wake up, princess.' I whispered in her ear. 'Come on, wake up.' Her eyes opened and she turned to face me, looking petrified.

'It's okay, baby, everything is fine.' I sat up and hugged her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and sobbed. 'It's alright.' I whispered, knowing that no matter what I said, she wouldn't stop. 

We stayed up and talked for... I don't even know how long. Ages. The sun's rays replaced the gloom and spookiness of the dark and shadowy moon. 

Suddenly, my phone started blowing up with Liams ringtone, the screen brightening up, as if the call made it happy. 


'Niall, where are you? You were supposed to be here ages ago!'

'What?!' I checked my watch. 'Crap! Sorry, man, I totally lost track of time! I'm here with Georgia.' Georgia looked at curiously. 

'I understand, mate. The girls are coming over, you don't have to go until they arrive.' 

'Okay, thanks Li.' 

'No problem. Talk to you later.' 


I hung up and groaned. I was so not in the mood for work. Don't get me wrong, I loved my job beyond compare. Now just wasn't going to be my favourite day to go to work. Not under the circumstances.

'I gotta get ready. I'm late for work.' I explained jumping out of bed.

'I shall go get breakfast!' Georgia announced, standing up and running out of the room. I smiled to myself as I listened to her feet pound the carpeted floor, running down the steps. I loved her. I really did. My life without her would be... horrible. She was everything to me. Absolutely everything.

I hopped down the stairs, trying to put one shoe on and get to the kitchen at the same time. I managed to get my shoe on as I neared the end of the staircase. Georgia was standing at the front door. She looked frozen. I didn't know what was wrong, she had her back facing towards me. I snuck up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist.

'What's wrong, princess?' I asked, looking at her hands.

Don't try and run.

It was written on a bit of paper that Georgia was clutching in her trembling hands. I looked at the scar on her left shoulder again. I wasn't about to ask what he did, I knew it wasn't going to be good.

'It's okay, beautiful.' I whispered, cradling her in my arms. 'It's okay.'

Georgia P.O.V.

My hands were shaking uncontrollably as Niall read the note in my hand.

Don't try and run.

It was silent between us for a moment or two, before Niall hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear, 'It's okay, beautiful. It's okay.'

We both looked at the door where I had found the note, and in place of the little box that the note had come in, were two feet. I was face to face with the monster.

A/N: I know, I am a terrible person for not updating. I'm so sorry, please don't murder me :'(

In the next chapter, Josh has changed entirely from the person he used me. He wants to kill. Will Georgia be safe with Niall, or will she hide from everyone so she can't be tracked down?

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