Back For You-Niall Horan Fanfic

Georgia was a regular directioner... like so many teenage girls on this planet. She lives with her sister and her mum, whose wages aren't getting them anywhere. When there is soon not enough money to feed all three of them, something has to be done. What will happen when Georgia discovers that all the family she knew weren't really her family and moves to London to her real blood and flesh?


24. Chapter 25: Heading Home

A/N: I'm listening to Niall's solos in the Take Me Home album right now... :)

Niall P.O.V.

It was two days since the... incident. We decided to postpone the rest of our concerts until things cooled down a bit.

Georgia had this idea that he was watching her. I didn't know if she was just getting paranoid or he was hunting her down or something. But I knew one thing: it scared the hell out of her. I had heard about this guy a couple of times before, but it never occurred to me that he would come back.

We were sitting on the plane and Georgia was asleep on my shoulder. Liam was sitting on one side and Georgia on the other, and I talked to Liam all night while Georgia slept fitfully. Liam looked at her.

'Do you think she's ok, mate?' he asked, sounding concerned.

'No, she's just dandy.' I threw at him, sarcastically.

'Yeah, she looks like it.' Liam returned. I snaked my arm protectively around her waist and pulled her closer to me, resting my head on top of hers and kissing her head. Liam looked at me strangely.

'Tell me again what happened?' he pondered.

As I searched my brain for a short and quick way to put it, my eyes fell upon.. him.

'He happened.' I whispered to Liam.

'Who? Who happened?'

I nodded my head discreetly in his direction, he was watching. 'He's coming after her.' I watched as Josh glared at me. I wrapped my arms even tighter around Georgia, and he got the message. He turned away after a few more seconds.   

'Oh, so let me guess... the ex?'

'Yeah.' I stared at the back of his head. 'Her ex.'

I felt Georgia stir. I'm not sure how I felt it, she had been shifting around a lot. She stretched her arms out and yawned. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Josh's head snap over in our direction. His eyes lit up when he saw she was awake.

'Should I tell her he's here?' I whispered to Liam.

'Maybe you should, just so she's alert about it.' Liam advised. I nodded and turned my attention back to Georgia.

'Hey, princess. What are you doing?' Duh.

'Kayaking.' she yawned again.

'Sleep well?' Stupid, stupid question.

'No. Just kind of freaked out, you know? He was never this kind of person...'

'Uhh, yeah...' I struggled to tell her that he was a couple of seats away from us. 'About him... he's, uhhh....'

'What?' Georgia looked around frantically. 'Is he here?'

'Uh, actually yeah. He's just there. On the opposite row of seats and three seats up.' She looked at him and froze.

Georgia P.O.V.

He's right there. No, he isn't. He can't be. Why? What does he want? Why would he travel from Australia to America and then to England to find me? Why would he be that desperate? Questions shot through my head a million miles an hour. I was in panic mode. Niall sensed it.

'Hey, princess, it's okay. It's alright, I won't let him hurt you.' he comforted, running his fingers through my hair. Josh turned and took a glance at me. His dark eyes gleamed brighter than I had ever seen. My heart raced. I was certain Niall could hear the pounding of my heart as I got the most evil glare I had ever received in my life.

I buried my face in Niall's chest to stop myself from looking at him. Liam placed his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it comfortingly.

'It's alright, Georgia. We all know about all this, okay? Including the girls. Even the ones back in Australia. That is where he lives after all... isn't it?' Liam asked. I replied with a nod. 'We're not gonna let that jerk get anywhere near you.' said Liam.

'Thanks.' I whispered.

I knew I could trust them. But with Josh, no one could be positive.

Liam P.O.V.

I could tell Georgia was thankful that we had everyone there to help her.

She just didn't seem certain.

A/N: Hi people!

Chapter 26... is Josh going to find Georgia yet again? What will he do once he realises that the boys won't let up?

Thank you for reading my story, everyone! I've got so many supportive comments and friends at school have been telling me how good it is and... CONFIDENCE BOOOOST!!!! Thanks again for being so supportive.







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