Back For You-Niall Horan Fanfic

Georgia was a regular directioner... like so many teenage girls on this planet. She lives with her sister and her mum, whose wages aren't getting them anywhere. When there is soon not enough money to feed all three of them, something has to be done. What will happen when Georgia discovers that all the family she knew weren't really her family and moves to London to her real blood and flesh?


21. Chapter 20: Aussie Tour

Louis P.O.V.

We were about halfway through our Australian tour. We were doing a concert in Sydney and we were performing Summer Love.

Don't promise that you're gonna write

Don't promise that you'll call

Just promise that you won't forget we had it all

Then Niall's solo came. I honestly didn't know how he was going to react. He was missing Georgia like hell, and this was her favourite song.

Sure enough, he got teared up during his solo. I came to his side and rubbed his back as he strummed his guitar before launching into my solo.

I spotted someone in the audience. I knew the brown curls and beautiful eyes all too well. It was Melissa.

Wish that we could be alone now

We could find some place to hide

I pointed to Melissa as I sang the rest of my solo. I would have to make sure to text her after...

Mental Note: Try not to forget.

Zayn P.O.V.

Niall broke down in the middle of his solo. And he still had three more to sing. I could tell he was missing her. Georgia. I missed her too. I couldn't wait to see her again.

As Niall sang his solo again, I could tell he was on the verge of tears again.

Then I got an idea.

Niall. P.O.V.

Summer Love. That one song I had dreaded every concert we'd been to. Nothing made me miss her more then singing her favourite song in front of hundreds of screaming girls. There was one girl in the front row who had blonde curls and blue eyes like Georgia. Ouch.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Zayn whispering in Liam's ear. As Zayn finished talking, Liam grinned.

I picked up on Liam saying, 'Good idea!'

What were they up to?


'Okay, people, now we're going to do live Twitter Q&A. How does that sound?' Harry asked.

The crowd went in an uproar.

There were a couple of questions, they were just the usual questions though, like, 'Can you do the macarena for us?' or something like that.

But then there was one from Melissa that read, 'How much do you guys miss your girlfriends back in England?'

'I miss Perrie so much.' Zayn said. 'It's not even funny, I really miss her.'

'No, it's not funny, because I know exactly what you mean.' Liam replied. 'I miss Dani too.'

All the guys told our audience how much they missed their girlfriends, and I'm not sure if it really hit the target for them or not, but it was nowhere near for me.

'I miss Georgia like hell, and that doesn't even start to explain it.' 

Zayn P.O.V.

As soon as he said that, I knew that what we were going to do was a good idea.

A/N: Sorry for the cliffhanger!

What are they going to do for Niall and Georgia? Will Georgia agree to it? What if she doesn't?

I know this chapter is really shrt, but I'm kind of pressed for time because it's Christmas (YAY) and we have to go to my cousin's place and we'll stay there for lunch and then we'll spend the afternoon with my Nan and Pop, so I may not be able to update again today. Then again, I got a new phone, so that might actually work...

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this chapter! 

P. S. Look up 'Niall Horan gets kissed' on YouTube and there'll be something about Dustin Hoffman kissing Niall on the David Letterman show. It's so FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P. P. S. Don't forget the competition!  


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