More Than This

First, lets get something straight. Call me Dani, not Danielle. Second, I know One Direction. That doesn't mean I love them. More or less like them. Third, we are all just friends not best friends, just friends. That's all we'll ever be. At least I think. Also just because I'm staying with the boys, doesn't mean I'm gonna like it. It also doesn't mean that it's not gonna be interesting though.


5. You Have Plans


Chapter 5  






*Dani's POV*


"Guys we have to go to another rehearsal." Louis says after I calm down.

"Alright," Niall says. Hopping into the car. I hop in next to him. Still a bit teary. He puts his arm around my shoulder, and I flinch at the closeness but soon adjust and lean my head on his shoulder.

"What are we gon-" Niall says before I jump up.

"Louis! Look out!" I yell. But it's too late. He drives right into a tree from where he had been watching us, and we go tumbling down a hill covered with grass. We finally get to the end of the hill and the car comes to a stop on it's side.

"Niall!" I yell. "Niall are you okay?"

"I'm fine," he says. Poking his head out from the back seat.

"Is everyone all right?" I ask loudly.

"Peachy," Zayn grunts.

"I'm alright," Liam says.

"My curls are messed up!" Harry yells.

"You okay Louis?" Niall asks.

"Fine," Louis answers.

I stand up but immediately fall again. That hurt! Oh! My ankle! 

During the time we were rolling down the hill, I must've got my ankle caught on a seat.

"You alright Dani?" Niall asks.

"I hurt my ankle and can't stand." I say.

"Here. Crawl out." He says.

So I crawl out from under the car. The sun shines brightly in my face. Niall lifts me up, bridal style, and carries me up the hill. Then he sets me on the ground at the top of the hill. Then he went back down to get the boys.


*Niall's POV*

"Hey boys! Crawl out from under the car." I say.

"Where's Dani?" Harry asks.

"She's at the top of the hill. I carried her there." I say.

Harry makes a heart with his fingers and beats it against his chest smirking. I roll my eyes.

"Shut up Harry!" I laugh, giving him a shove.

"I didn't say anything. But you know it's true!" He says.

"Oh whatever!" I laugh.  




*Dani's POV*

"Well boys," Dr. Greenfield says. "Her ankle got twisted pretty badly and she won't be able to stand on it for a while. I'd give her a week to recover,"  


"Would you guys like a wheelchair for her to borrow?" The doctor asks.

"Naw!" Niall says.

He lifts me up and carries me instead. Then he sits me on the curb.

I look into Niall's bright sparkling blue eyes. They were looking directly back at mine. He smiles at me. I look away and blush. He turns my face back to his. He leans close to my face so that our lips were inches apart. Was he gonna kiss me?

*Niall's POV*

"Niall! We gotta walk home!" Harry called. "Oh gawd! Sorry Niall!"

Dani inched away. Probably because Harry scared the crap outta her. Thanks Harry. The one opportunity I have to kiss her he ruins it. So instead, I kiss her on the cheek. She blushes and looks away. When we get home, Harry's in for it. 







"Harry!" I exclaimed, once we got home and went outside. It wasn't a long walk back to the house.

"How was I supposed to know Niall!" Harry defends.

"You didn't see us sitting on the curb!" I yell.

"Look I'll make this right. Okay? Since we can't have rehearsal this week, cause of Dani's ankle, I'll make a plan. Now it will go down tomorrow." Harry says.

"Alright. But make it a good one." I say.

"It's my specialty,"


*Dani's POV*

December 11 

Dear Diary,

Niall almost kissed me today! That's really all I have to say.

~ Dani 



I shut my diary just as Harry and Louis walk through the door. I quickly shove the diary back in my suitcase.

"I'm taking you shopping!" Louis says.

"Me too!" Harry exclaims.

Finally when I was done shopping, I only bought a dress. A yellow sundress that went down to my knees. I don't know why I needed all that though. The boys also made me get a swimsuit. We were probably going swimming later this week.

We finally get to the house. Luckily they had another car so I didn't have to limp all the way there.


*Harry's POV*

I found a beach where Dani and Niall could have a perfect date. I got a blanket and a picnic basket and packed a perfect dinner for them. Also I packed a candle and matches. Candle lit dinner? Corny? Naw!

First, they would swim on the beach for a while. Then they could have a candle lit dinner. They're gonna love this! 










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