More Than This

First, lets get something straight. Call me Dani, not Danielle. Second, I know One Direction. That doesn't mean I love them. More or less like them. Third, we are all just friends not best friends, just friends. That's all we'll ever be. At least I think. Also just because I'm staying with the boys, doesn't mean I'm gonna like it. It also doesn't mean that it's not gonna be interesting though.


6. The Date


Chapter 6

I woke up that morning wrapped in Niall's arms. Harry asleep next to him. I take this time to gently kiss Niall on his forehead before I limp to the kitchen to make breakfast.

I grab some eggs from the fridge, and not long after, the aroma of eggs fills the room. Scrambled eggs!

"I'm awake!" Niall announces. I giggle.

"Oh. My. Gawd!" He exclaims as he eating the eggs. "These are the best eggs I've EVER tasted!"

"Thanks," I blush.


*Harry's POV*

I walk to the door of the kitchen and see Niall and Dani laughing. Niall's eating eggs and Dani's sitting next to him. I decide to leave the love birds alone. But I send him a text message.

To: Niall

The boys and I are leaving right now. At 5, meet us at the beach. See ya there! Also, make sure Dani puts the dress on. She'll know what your talking about.

~ Harry


To: Harry

Ok. See ya! Also thanks bro.

~ Niall


I smiled. Oh he'll be thanking me! 

I wake the boys and we quietly walk out the door. It was 12 already. We weren't used to waking up at 7 in the morning for rehearse. So we slept in. Time to get Dani and Niall's surprise ready!


*Niall's POV*

Dani and I just lie around for a while on the floor. We were talking about the things that had happened in our lives.

"One time. I met this girl named Kayla. She was a princess. I have the most memorable experience with her." I say. "We went to Nando's one time and uh this hobo took my taco. Later she tells me, she saw a hobo with a taco on the curb!"

Dani giggles at my memorable moment and I laugh along with her. She finally gets up an limps to the kitchen. I swoop her up off her feet and carry her the rest of the way. She grabs my Nando's out of the fridge.

"No way Dani," I say. Snatching the bag away from her. 


"But I'm hungry!" She whines. Giving me puppy dog eyes. No matter how cute that looked, she not eating my Nando's. She snatches the bag and hops on one foot to the couch. I run and tackle her. Bringing her down onto the couch.

Her eyes meet mine again. I look into her sparkling blue eyes. I lean in and I'm about to kiss her until my phone goes off. I groan and answer it.

"Hello?" I say angrily into the phone.

"Niall! You're suppose to meet us right now! It's 5 already!" Harry yells into the phone.

"Whatever! Be there in a sec,"

He always finds a way to make things awkward.

"Hey Dani, Harry says that you have a dress and that you need to put that on before we go." I say.

"Okay," she replies.









*Dani's POV*

Niall drove me to the beach we were supposed to be at, only to find the boys weren't there. Instead, there was a picnic set out and Niall's bathing suit was on one side and mine on the other side.

"You look really beautiful," Niall says.

"Thanks," I blush.

There was a shack by the beach so I limp over to where the shack was, taking my bathing suit with me. When I get there, I change into my bathing suit. Again it was a bikini. And again, I'm not bikini material. But I looked really cute. 

I walked out of the shack to see Niall in his swimming trunks standing by the beach looking at the sky. He looks over at me. His eyes widen.

"You look great!" He says.

"You too," I say poking his stomach. He laughs. "What? Are you ticklish?" I ask. I poke his stomach again.

"No! Stop!" He cries while laughing out loud.

He picks me up bridal style and walks to the edge of the beach.

"You wouldn't!" I growl.

"Oh I would!" He mocks me as he tosses me in the water. He follows after me.

I splash water on his face. He flips his hair. Okay, that was cute. I blush at my though. He sees this and asks: "Why are you blushing?"

"No reason!" My eyes widen.

We finish swimming and go on to dinner. Niall pulls out some candles. He lights them with matches. Corny. I laugh mentally.

*Niall's POV*

I saw a note in the picnic basket with three pictures attached to it.  

The note says:

Dear Niall, 


You welcome bro. Told you I'd come through for ya. Now the pictures are things you need to show Dani. Just eat until your stomachs are full and have a good time! Your welcome! I'll call ya at 8 and tell you to come home.

~ Harry

I love that guy!


I look at the pictures. One was of us in the treehouse. One was the one Liam took if us sleeping and one was of me on top of Dani. Tickling her. We looked like we were maybe 10 or 11. I gave them to Dani and she laughs. She pulls me in for a hug and I hug her back. We pull away and lay back to watch the clouds roll past across the sky.

Dani turns and looks at me and sees I was already looking at her. I look into her eyes. I just loved her beautiful blue eyes. Her gaze drops to my lips and I lean forward. No more distractions!  

Her phone rings. Gawd dang it!

"Don't answer that!" I cry.

"I wasn't going to." She says, giggling.

I lean in closer to her. Our lips are but a centimeter away. Then my phone rings.

"Gawd dang it Harry!" I yell.

Dani starts giggling.

"What is it this time!?" I yell into the phone.

"It's 8," Harry says. "I called Dani but she didn't answer."

"You've interrupted us four times!" I yell.

"Sorry. Gawd I'm horrible!" Harry cries.  


"Bye," I say.

I pick Dani up bridal style and carry her to the car. Harry owes me.

We finally fall asleep that night.







*Dani's POV*

"Harry Edward Styles! Let me out of' here right now and give me my phone!" I exclaim. He locked me in a hotel room.

"No!" He yells back.

The door opens and Niall comes in. We were in a separate hotel room.

This just got awkward.

"What's he doing Niall?" I ask.

"Not sure," he says.

"Tickle fight!" I yell. I begin to poke his stomach and he tackles me to the bed. Holding my arms above my head. He's a lot stronger than I am.

He looks into my eyes. He leans in. Our lips just a centimeter away. Finally is happens. The space between our lips disappears. He lips press to mine and my heart feels as though its on fire. Fireworks go off and tingles shoot down my spine. He lets my hands go and I run them through his hair. His hands find mine and our fingers intertwine.

It was the most beautiful kiss I've ever experienced. I don't EVER want this kiss I end. 








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