More Than This

First, lets get something straight. Call me Dani, not Danielle. Second, I know One Direction. That doesn't mean I love them. More or less like them. Third, we are all just friends not best friends, just friends. That's all we'll ever be. At least I think. Also just because I'm staying with the boys, doesn't mean I'm gonna like it. It also doesn't mean that it's not gonna be interesting though.


8. Payback

Chapter 8

The Next Day

*Dani's POV*

"Let me out of this fricken closet right now Harry Styles!" I scream. Banging on the closet door. 

"Watch your language when Liam is present!" He yells back.

"Yah Dani. Watch your language." Liam says.

I sigh. 

Okay. Breath in.... Breath out..... Breath in.... Breath out..... This is probably just a dream. And I'm just dreaming that Harry has locked me in the closet. I sneeze. It's dusty in here.

The closet opens and I see Niall tossed into the closet. 

"No! Let me out!" Niall bangs on the door.

"Niall. Quit banging on the door. I have a headache." I say from behind him.

"Dani?" Niall says.

"Over here." I tug at his hand.

"I know how we can get revenge on Harry." He says. I wish I could see the smirk on his face.


"Well what he doesn't know is that there are air vents right above us. I'm sure we can get Louis to play along." Niall says.

"Alright. This just got really i-i," I sneeze. Stupid cold. Stupid dusty closet. "Interesting."

"We gotta get you something for that cold." Niall says.


"Alright Dani. Here's the plan. I'll boost you to the vent, you'll climb through it and help me up with this rope," He hands me a rope. "Now get on my back." 

"No. I don't wanna hurt your back Niall." I tell him.

"Just do it Dani. Think of how much you want to lock Harry in a closet." Niall says.

"I'm gonna get that curly headed trouble maker," I say. Jumping up to the vent from Niall's back.
It opens.

I do it again and lift myself up to the vent. Harry's gonna get it good.

I drop the rope down to Niall. He climbs up the rope. 

It is on like Donkey-Kong

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