More Than This

First, lets get something straight. Call me Dani, not Danielle. Second, I know One Direction. That doesn't mean I love them. More or less like them. Third, we are all just friends not best friends, just friends. That's all we'll ever be. At least I think. Also just because I'm staying with the boys, doesn't mean I'm gonna like it. It also doesn't mean that it's not gonna be interesting though.


4. Hate


Chapter 4 





*Liam's POV*


"Niall what's wrong?" I ask Niall. "You were acting strange at rehearsal today."

"Can you keep a secret?" He says.

I nod my head and he walks to the bed that Harry, Tyler, Dani, and him slept on. He reaches under the bed and pulls out a picture. It's a picture of him and a girl sitting in a treehouse. He flips it over. It says Niall and... Dani! That's why he was acting so strange! I read words in the corner and smirk.

"So she likes you?" I say. Still smirking.

"Liked," he says frowning.

"We'll I'm sure she still likes you." I say. Trying to reassure him.

"Whatever," he says, rolling his eyes.


*Dani's POV*

December 10 

Dear Diary,

I like Niall. I know it. I remember from seeing a note that magically flew through a window at rehearsal. He likes me. Well liked me. I don't deserve him. He could have any girl he wanted. He wouldn't want me to be with me.

~ Dani 




Niall's POV

I walk into the room where the beds where to see Dani, only to find she wasn't there. I hear the shower running and singing. She's probably taking a shower. She sings really beautifully.

I wanted to show her that picture. Maybe it'd make her like me. Just seeing our smiling faces and the note on the back, just might make her like me.

I was about to turn and leave until something caught my eye. It looked like a book. I pick it up off her suitcase. On the front cover it said "DIARY" in all capital letters. I know it's was wrong, but I open the front cover and begin to read.






The last entry I read just made my day. It said she likes me. But that she didn't think she deserved me. If anything, I didn't deserve her.

I write a note at the bottom of the page. It would probably make her mad to know that I read her diary but I was ready for any consequences.

I like you Dani

~ Niall 


Quickly, I put her diary back on her suitcase and walked back to main room where the TV was. I see Harry asleep on the floor with popcorn scattered around him, Liam and Zayn are on YouTube, Tyler's no where in site, and Louis is watching Dora. Funny, usually he watches Spongebob. He only watches Dora when he's- uh oh.

"Louie, are you okay?" I ask him.

He ignores me and continues watching Dora. Oh no! He's worse that I thought.

I use the phone and call for room service.

"Hello?" I say into the phone.

"Yes?" The lady on the other line says.

"I need 2 pounds of carrots." I say.

When the carrots come I force fully shove them in Louis's mouth. He stars to chomp on them and comes back out of his 'Carrot Coma'.

I wipe my brow and sigh in relief.

"Shut this garbage off," Louis spat. Referring to Dora.

I chuckled. 

"Sure thing Lou,"







Dani's POV

I hopped out if the shower and slipped into my clothes. 

I grabbed my phone off the sink counter and saw that I had notifications on Twitter.



Want to do a Twitcam with me? Harry's sleeping, Louis is watching and Zayn and Liam are on YouTube. Pretty normal.



Sure be there I sec.

I go to the room where Niall was and he picks up his laptop and sits on the bed. He pats the spot next to him. I sit next to him and he introduces me to the camera.

"Hey guys!" He waves. "This is my friend Dani. She's doing a concert with us. So look for her at our next concert."

Comments start to appear at the bottom of the screen.


You guys make a good coupleeeeeee. :)


She doesn't deserve you Niall!!!


I don't like her!


Guys she's already taken! But Dani I'd watch your back. Some fans are really mean.


I hate her. She's ugly. You can do better Niall.


Go die Dani! That should be me! I should be there with 1D. Not you! You don't deserve it!

I looked at the comments. Niall covered them with his hands. I could feel tears starting I form in my eyes. Why do they not like me? 

I looked at Niall. He had sorrow in his eyes. This was a bad idea. I ran off into the bathroom and sat in the corner and started to cry.

Why do they hate me?

My phone starts beeping. I looked at it. The tears falling on the screen. More hate comments. I hear Louis and Niall banging on the door.

"Love, it doesn't matter what fans say. What matters is what you think of yourself." Louis says.


Niall's POV

"If it makes any difference I think you beautiful," I say. Crap! Why did I say that?!

"Really?" She says. I could tell she was crying.

"Yeah really," I say blushing. Louis pats me on the back.

I hear the lock click and the door opens. Dani comes out and wraps me in a hug.

"Thanks Niall," she says.







Finally we all go to sleep. I wake up I the middle of the night to light shining in my face. Dani is asleep next to me and Harry's on the other side of me. The spot where Tyler was is empty. I hear his voice in the main room.

I get up accidentally waking Dani up in the process.

"What's wrong?" She asks sleepily.

"Nothing," I reply. "Just getting a snack."


Dani's POV

Niall get up and walks to the main room. I get up and follow him. Being carful not to let him know I was.

"I can't believe Dani actually thinks you like her," a girl says.

"I know," Tyler says. "But keep it down. She's in the other room. I only even agreed on going here with her because I get to be on TV."

What? He doesn't like me? I start to cry.

"Is this just a game to you?" I hear Niall say. "Playing with Dani's emotions. I mean first you get her to kiss you for a dare and then you- you leave her? Dani deserves better that you!"

What? So all this was just a game for Tyler. To just play with emotions?

"So you don't even like me?" I ask him. Letting the fact that I was crying show in my voice. "I don't know you anymore! Just- just leave!"

I run to the hatch that takes me to the roof and open it and go on the roof. I sit down and start crying. It makes my head hurt.


Niall's POV

I follow Dani to the roof where I see her crying. I sit down next to her and hug her tightly.

"It's okay," I whisper. "He's gone. I made him leave."

She looks at me.

"What did he do to your eye?" She asks.

"I'm fine. Are you okay?" I ask her.

"I'm fine Niall." She says. "I'm just gonna, sleep."

She lays down and I wrap her in another hug.  

Sometime that night I fell asleep. I woke up to Liam snapping a picture of us.

"What the heck Liam!" I yell sleepily.

He runs off. Dani wakes up. She jumps back. Probably startled at our closeness.

"Where Tyler?" Louis asks as he pokes his head up to 

the roof. Dani starts crying. Probably remembering last night.

"Good job Louis," I say.

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