More Than This

First, lets get something straight. Call me Dani, not Danielle. Second, I know One Direction. That doesn't mean I love them. More or less like them. Third, we are all just friends not best friends, just friends. That's all we'll ever be. At least I think. Also just because I'm staying with the boys, doesn't mean I'm gonna like it. It also doesn't mean that it's not gonna be interesting though.


3. Before I Realize

Chapter 3
Before I Realize

The Next Day


*Niall's POV*

Truth be told, yes I did like Dani. Even though I had only known her for only but a day. I feel like I've known her for much longer. I thought back to long ago. Back when I was only a mere child.

I do remember a girl. Not just any girl. My very best friend. The person I had trusted with all my secrets. I thought more of a moment I could remember but none crossed my mind.

I picked up my guitar that sat next to me on the bed. While all the others went swimming again.

I started to strum is to the tune of 'More Than This'. Only because it had reminded me of Dani and the situation I felt I was put in. I started to sing my solo

"If I'm louder. Would you see me? Would you lay down, in my arms and rescue me? Coz we are the same. You save me but when you leave is gone again." I sang.

I sighed and laid my guitar face down. I heard a shifting sound. Like something had fallen out of my guitar.

I picked my guitar back up and moved it to the other side of the bed.
There underneath it was a picture. Worn from being in a tight space to long I assume. It was folded up and the creases were very worn out. Making it seem as though it had been folded for a few years.

I wondered just how long it had been in there as I unfolded it. Just as another paper flew out. I grabbed for it and it was folded too. I unfolded it revealing a note that said this:

I think I like you.
- Niall

A memory of me as a child flashed in my head. It was of me holding this note and walking towards a girl. She had the brightest blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. She was giggling with her friends by swings on a playground. I was too scared to talk to her. But, at least I tried.

I kept the note behind me. Holding on to it as if it kept me from falling to the ground. She looked my way and I held the note in front of me out to her. She gently took it from my hands and her cheeks blushed a rosy red as she read the contents of the letter. That's all I remembered.

I smiled in spite of myself and my shyness. I grabbed the picture and began to study it. It was a picture of me and that same girl.

"Dani," I whispered.

We were both sitting in a sort of clubhouse. Another memory flashed.

"Smile guys!" My mom said cheerfully as she snapped our picture. We had just finished our clubhouse.

I looked at the picture I held in my hands and flipped it over. On the back in the middle it read: Niall and Dani

In the corner written very small in black pen read: I think I like you too.
- Dani

Why was I just finding this? I have to show Dani. Just as I get up, the paper with the note on it flys out the open window. Even as I desperately grab for it, it's no use. Before I know it it's flying around the streets. Louis! He was supposed to close that before he left to swim! I sighed and fling myself on the open bed and clutch the picture in my hands. I close my eyes and replay the little memories in my head.


*Dani's POV*

We eventually had to leave the swimming pool because we have rehearsal for the song. The boys sound a lot better live. I mean, I listen to their music and I gotta say, they sound good, but in person they sound awesome. But something about Niall's voice feels familiar. Like I've heard it many times before. Probably unlikely because out of all of them, Niall's voice is defiantly the most unique. But I can't be sure.

We ended up singing Little Things as a warm up. It took a lot of debating before we decided on that though. Zayn wanted to sing I Would but, only 2 other people agreed with him. I wonder if they always fight over what the warm up song is. Probably not.

Niall looked very hesitant about singing. Like he was keeping something from someone. I know this because he was looking all around at everyone. Well, everyone but me. In fact he seemed to be avoiding eye-contact.

I looked at him and have him the 'what's wrong' look. He shrugged but still avoided eye-contact and started lip-syncing. I leaned to my right and whispered into Liam's ear.

"Is he always like this?" I asked in a hushed voice.

"Who?" Liam whispered back.

"Niall. He's avoiding eye-contact with me completely," I answered.

"I'll talk to him later and see what's wrong. He's not always like this," he replied.

"Liam, what's wrong your not singing. Neither are you Ms. Handly," Mr. Gust, the person in charge of the concert, asked.

"Nothing Mr. Gust it's just that, um-" Liam cut me off.

"Our throats were very dry sir, and we were, uh, consulting on whether or not to ask you if we could get a drink or a glass of water." Liam continued.

"Alrighty then. You may all get a glass of water from the hallway. There should be some plastic cups and a water dispenser." Mr. Gust replied.

We (Liam and I) headed to the hallway and found the water right away.

"Thanks Liam." I say. In between gulps of water.

"No problem Dani." He replies.

He walks on ahead back to the rehearsal and begins singing again. I stayed behind and opened the window for fresh air. Just as I did, a gust of wind flew in taking a piece of white paper with it. I quickly pick it up. On it read a note saying:

I think I like you.
- Niall

A memory floods through my mind before I realize it. I know why Niall was acting so strangely. I remember Niall giving this to me back in elementary. I remember how shy he was. He must have found this and it flew out an open window. Just like it was meant to be it came back though. Before I realize it, a thought flashes through my mind. Causing me to want to hug Niall.

Niall likes me and I think I like him too.


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