Best Friends Brother

"i cant Love you' you touch his face softly."buut'' He stutters."Arrriiiaaannnaa" She called from down stairs."Coming!" you yells back looking down the stairs.''Ariana,Please"he kisses you Gently."I-I-I-Ill Think about it,But right know you have to go your sister is coming'' You say pushing him away.he swiftly runs to his room and closes the door.


1. Meeting Him

"Hey Ariana,You wanna come over tonight  Hannah walks over to you."Well I don't know,i Have a ton of home work'' you say reaching inside you bag to grab you phone.''We can work on it at my house" She walks up to her locker.'' i dont know your brother going to be home?'' you say sliding your back into you bag."Yeah,He wont bug us thou" she says.

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