Truly, madly, deeply. ( A Niall Horan Fanfic )

A young girl named Mary hated Niall Horan till his life changed after joining Xfactor and being in a group called one direction. Ever since he's been gone those two years, she missed him so much and noticed she had feelings for him, but does he miss her back and most of all feel the same way?


1. Senior Year.

* Mary's POV : *

It was the last year of my Highschool years till I got ready to apply to any college I want. There was this boy named Niall Horan, he tormented all my years of being in Highschool and I was excited to not see him anymore. I used to live in the United States till my mother got a better job in Mullingar, Ireland. Niall was our next door neighbor, my mother liked him so a lot, so did my little brother, Jacob & sister, Elizabeth. Ever since the day I met, he was always so rude around me. I had him in all my classes, he was a pain in the butt. It was the first day of school, I got ready, picked my clothes out, and did my hair. I wore a cute black and white stripped shirt with ripped styles jeans with my black vans, nothin special. As I got to school, I got my locker, it was locker #235. On the corner of my eye I see Niall James Horan...

* Nialls POV : *

It was my last year at Highschool, I'm so excited. I auditioned for xfactor but it wasn't till in a few months. I slowly got ready, not feeling good about school. There was this girl.. Her name was Mary. Everything about her is perfect, but we hate eachother. I can never say the right things to her. I get nervous, and I can't make the words come out of my mouth. I drove to school, and walked through the doors, I recieved my locker slip from the office and I see Mary. The most beautifullest person I've seen. I started a conversation with her, " hey Mary, Goodmorning. " she replied to me, " Goodmorning Niall " After that weird short conversation, she slowly walked away from me. As she walked away, I ran after her, took her school books and ran away with it. I ran as fast as I can and threw them in the trash. A few minutes later the bell rang.

* Mary's POV *

Well isn't that great, the bell just freaking rang and I'm late on the my first day. God, nialls is such a dick.
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