Everything about you

Lottie visits her father and step mother for a visit in london but bumping into a old classmate from Mullingar, Niall Horan. Can Lottie forget the past and rekindle a friendship or even more?


2. The meeting




“Oh I’m sorry” I stutter as I stare up I realise those piercing blue eyes that I never thought I would see ever again.

“Is that you Lottie?” he questioned

“No you must have the wrong person” I lied not daring to look up again.

“Of course it’s you I remember your voice anywhere” he says softly

Oh god just what I need Niall.

“Damn” I mutter


“Nothing. Why are you here in London? Why did I see you on a girls shirt?”

“Don’t you know? One Direction? X-factor? Ring a bell?”

“No I’m sorry. Is that your band?”

“Yes boy band”

“That’s umm… Cool look I better go, I need to pick up some carrots…”

“Well actually maybe… If you want seeing as you’ve never heard of one direction you can meet them.” He smiled

“Umm… well I don’t really…” I trailed off as I looked into his ocean blue eyes “fine I will go but we need to go to the grocery store and Nandos”

“YES I love Nandos,” He shouted as people stared at him

“Shhhh….” I say, “People are staring”

“Sorry,” he apologised

“It’s okay” I sighed, “Let’s just go”

As like it was on cue about a thousand girls came up and asked Niall to sign things or giving him letters and gifts. Niall was kind of surrounded and struggling to find an excuse to leave.

“Hey who are you? Are you with Niall?” one girl turned to ask me

“Yes she is” Niall said proudly

“What’s your name? Are you dating? ”They all murmur

“Don’t be ridiculous she WAY TO ugly to date Niall” one scoffed

“Hey don’t be mean it’s not nice to say that” Niall said

“Oh yeah well guess what I don’t care what you say you cow, to be honest you shouldn’t be making an opinion.” I return staring daggers at her

“URGH Niall, hon, when you realise that you’re worth more then her give me a call,” she says

“Niall let’s go” I say before slipping my hands into his and kissing him on the cheek. The girl stormed off with this and Niall seems to have turned red.

“Okay let’s go” he whispers

When we walk away for some reason I keep his hand in mine. It’s like glue through the supermarket and all the way to Nandos.

“Niall, mate there you are.” A voice says behind us “we’ve been looking everywhere for you”

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