Everything about you

Lottie visits her father and step mother for a visit in london but bumping into a old classmate from Mullingar, Niall Horan. Can Lottie forget the past and rekindle a friendship or even more?


11. The date (part 2)

"I needed to hear that,”


“We here,” the driver announces

“Finally I’m STARVING!” Niall shouted as we pulled up. “What?”

“Nothing,” I laugh

“I’m buying,”

“You’ll buy the movie and I’ll get the dinner tab,”

“No I will a gentlemen always pays for his dates,”


“Shall we go?” Niall asks and opens the door. The screaming of girls welcomed us.

“How did they find us?” I whisper

“They just do,”

“Ok well let’s meet them I mean they seem nice enough,” I say

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, they came to see you.”

I grab his hand and we make our way to the crowd of girls. At the front of the crowd there was a girl around 12 crying.

“Hi why are you crying Hon?” I ask

“It’s you…I got to meet Niall Horan and Lottie Brown… I love you so much,”

“Hey we’re just people there is no need to cry,” Niall laughed

“My dead sister loved you, she died 2 weeks ago from cancer, she would have loved to meet you and I have.”

“That’s terrible,” I gasp

“It’s okay,” she murmured

“What’s your name?” Niall asked


“Hollie, I’m going to give you the biggest hug and I am going to hook you up do you have a home phone?” Niall says

“Here’s mine,” she says

 “Hollie take this it’s my number this is mine, If you need ANYTHING I will be here for you I know how it feels to loose someone,” I say “ I lost my uncle in a car crash and my cousin at war, just keep fighting.”

I hug her

“Just don’t share my number otherwise I will be getting a lot of hate,” I joke

“Ok I promise,” she promised

“Let’s go,” Niall says

“Ok, bye Hollie,”

“Bye,” she sniffles

“Be strong,” I shout

“You too,” she replies

What does that mean? Does that mean with being recognized all the time? With Niall’s career? With our relationship?


“Okay Horan… RACE YOU INSIDE,” I shouted as I sprinted away

“Oh no you don’t” he said when he caught up to me he picked me up and twirled me around

“Hey no fair!” I giggle

“Alls fair I love and war,” he panted as he leaned into kiss me. Our kiss lasted about 5 minutes before I broke away


“Right,” he said almost like he had just woken up from a daydream

We sprint up to the desk

“Two tickets to Just Go With It please,” I say

“V.I.P please,” Niall said

“Okay… that will be 50 pounds,” The lady at the counter said

“Here you go love,” Niall smacked a 50 pounder down on the counter

“Thank you, do I know you from somewhere? Wait you’re Niall from One Direction!” She smiled flirtatiously “I’m Izzy, who is that” she pointed at me rudely

“Lottie,” he said as he gripped my hand

“Can I take a picture with you?”

“Not right now I have a movie to catch,”

“Right well here’s my number Nially and don’t forget to call,”

“Hi umm… sorry to interrupt but can we please have our tickets?” I butt in

“Okay… there coming… rude much? Niall you could do so much better.”

“Right Lottie has had enough of this stop it she’s just a person and if I’m here with someone please don’t try pick me up I’m not being rude but it’s pretty annoying,” Niall said with a touch of annoyance in his voice

“Right here are your tickets just go,”

 “Thank you,” I say

“TO THE CANDY COUNTER!” Niall shouts

“YEAH!!!” I reply

“Hello may I help you?”

“Yes can we have large popcorn, 6 bags of skittles, 2 bags of snakes, 2 large cokes and a bag of chips,” Niall orders “oh and 2 ice creams,”

“He means a medium sized popcorn, 1 bag of skittles, 1 bag of snakes, 1 bag of chips and an ice cream,” I say

“Fine a medium popcorn, 3 bags of skittles, a bag of chips. An coke and ice creams,” he bargains


“Coming right up, that will be 10 pounds,” the man says. Niall gives the man the money

“Thank you here it is,” the man says giving Niall the food

“Thank you, quick the movies about to start!” I sprint across to theatre 3

“Here are our tickets,” I say passing them to the ticket collector

“Okay have a nice movie,” the ticket woman says

We race in thank god it was just commercials


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