Everything about you

Lottie visits her father and step mother for a visit in london but bumping into a old classmate from Mullingar, Niall Horan. Can Lottie forget the past and rekindle a friendship or even more?


10. The date (part 1)


(Lottie’s P.O.V)


An Hour?!? Oh god I better get moving. Hayley’s doing my hair and I have cucumbers on my face and am in a towel!


I changed into a black and white dress and black high heels.

“What about my hair?” I ask Hayley “straight or curly?”

“Curly, don’t be like the others,” she replies

“Okay” I say as Hayley brushes her hair.

“OUCH!” I complained as I applied my make up I saw Hayley looking at the time

“What time do you meet Louis?”

“In an hour and a half”  

“Well let’s get you ready” I say starting to brush her hair

“What dress purple or red?” she asked

“Red it’s beautiful on you”


“MAKEUP” I shout

“WOW you’re almost as bad as Louis”

I laugh

I look up at the time fifteen minutes.

Hayley’s phone goes off.

“He changed the time to 15 minutes!”

“It’s okay”

As she texts him back I look at myself in the mirror.

“Do you like this dress? Or the blue one?”

“The blue”

“Okay” I grab from the bed and change into it

Suddenly I hear a knock on the door

“Lottie so ones at the door for you and Hayley”


We walk down the stairs I see Niall’s face I’m not sure if it’s in shock or horror.

“You look amazing” he whispered

“HAYLEY BOO!” Louis shouted

“LOUBEAR” she replies as they launch into a hug

“Bring her back in one piece,” Dad says “Both of them,” he turns to Louis

“Dad…” I groan

“Mitch” Cindy tells him “She’s old enough to now,”

“Thank you,” I whisper to Cindy

“Be back before 7… I mean 10 no… 12,” he says as he looks at Cindy

“Bye Dad, bye Cindy”

“Bye Mitch and Cindy” Hayley smiles

“Goodbye sir, goodbye Ms. Cindy ” Louis and Niall say

“Goodbye” Dad muttered

“Have fun and please call me Cindy,”


“Finally we’re going!” Hayley shouts

“I KNOW HAYLEYBEAR” Louis screams

“You look gorgeous” I whisper to Niall

“Thank you. Can I ask you a question?”


“Do you know you’re beautiful?”

I laugh and kiss him and break off


“3,2,1” I sprint off “I DIDN’T SAY GO!”

I sprint up to the limo

“I WIN!” I shriek





“LET’S SETTLE THIS!” he shouts and pulls me into a kiss

“I win,” I whisper


“Guys we have to go!” Louis shouts

“Gosh you so immature” Hayley jokes

“Gaa go” Niall gurgles

“See you guys later,” Hayley says as they jump into their limo.

“Are they coming to the movies with us?”

“No, they’re at a different movie at a different theatre,”

“Okay, it’s cold in here”

I snuggle up to Niall

“Let’s play truth, dare, kiss or swear,”

“ok” I giggle

“Truth, dare, kiss or swear?”

“Dare!” I yelp

“I dare you to shout I love Niall Horan out the window!”

I winded down the window and took a massive breath


“My turn”

“Truth, dare, kiss or swear?”


“Ok you have to snog… me!”

“Make out? Or peck?”

“Surprise me,”

He presses his lips onto mine and this time I let him use his tongue.

“Right my turn again.” I pant

“Truth, dare, kiss or swear?”


“Do you really like me?”

“Yes, of course Niall to me your not Niall Horan from One Direction your Niall Horan the boy from school the boy I fell for,”

“Okay,” I study his face

“Truth, dare, kiss or swear?”


“Swear to me that you won’t cheat and leave me broken hearted,”

“Why would…”

“Just promise” I cut him off

“I promise that I will NEVER EVER break Lottie brown’s heart by cheating on her or anything else,”

I pull him into a kiss 

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