Everything about you

Lottie visits her father and step mother for a visit in london but bumping into a old classmate from Mullingar, Niall Horan. Can Lottie forget the past and rekindle a friendship or even more?


6. The catch up


“Hey guys can a friend join us?”

“Yeah sure the more the merrier” said Liam

“I am sure she’ll be grateful” I smile

“For the food or for meeting us?” Zayn replies

“Both” I answer

Louis punches Zayn

“For the food of course!” Niall shouted happily

“Niall!” the four boys shout

“Right I’m going to get a soda anyone else want one? Liam said

“I’ll come” Louis said jumping up

“I need to go to the toilet to fix up my hair” Zayn replies

“I’m going to check out… I mean talk to that nice lady over there” Harry smiled as I rolled my eyes admittedly he is very charming and easy to talk to.

As they all leave they wink at Niall. We both pretend not to notice as soon as they are out of sight. Niall slides closer to me and puts his arm around me. I smile and put my head on his shoulder. It felt right

“So… are you liking London?” he asks

“A lot” I smile

“That’s good”

“You know your smile is amazing” I say stupidly

“Thanks yours is amazing too”

“Where would you live if you could live anywhere?”

“Here.” He laughed “what about you?”

“I don’t know somewhere preferable on earth” I joke


“Sorry my phone”

“It’s okay”


From: Hayley


Hey outside where are you?





Near the window. Close to the magazine racket.


“She’s here,” he says

“You looked at my text!” I shriek

“No” he said guiltily

I punch him playfully in the arm he immediately starts to pout

“Oh I'm sorry do want to hug it better?” I joke

“A kiss may make it better” he whimpered

“ LOTTIE!!!” a voice screamed

I turned to see my best friend Hayley

“HAYLEY!!!” I reply

As she comes to sit next to us I hug her. 

“So what are you love birds up to?” she questions

“Since when are we love birds?” Niall jokes

“It’s all over the Internet in fact here s a new tweet posted 2 seconds ago of you hugging” Hayley holds her phone up to show us

“Great” I moan

“What you don’t like me?” he pouts

“Of course I do but… now I will have NO peace” I say

“I got that covered” he winks

“We’re back” Louis shouts, “Did you miss us”

“Nope” Niall laughed

“Probably because you were cozing up to little miss Lottie” Harry giggled

“Hey I’m only a few years younger then you!” I protested

“Hi I’m Hayley” Hayley butts in

“Whoa I mean… hi I’m Louis!

“Hi Louis”

“I’m Harry this is Zayn, Niall and Liam”

As the night went on Hayley and Louis became very close.

“Right lads it’s 7:00 I think we need to go,” Liam announces before getting up

“Yes daddy direction,” Louis says before saluting him

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