Everything about you

Lottie visits her father and step mother for a visit in london but bumping into a old classmate from Mullingar, Niall Horan. Can Lottie forget the past and rekindle a friendship or even more?


4. The bandmates

Why did i kiss him? I mean can i forgive him? When i touched him i felt a spark... I think i'm in love with Niall Horan...

Niall's POV


I can’t believe I saw her I mean it’s like fate has given me a second chance.  I knew it was her. I’ve never seen such beautiful hazel eyes they haunt you, her curls are so unique and special every single strand was different and her voice it was like music to my ears, sweet and soft. She was perfect my type of perfect not to skinny, just right, beautiful and pretty with an amazing sense of humour and had an appetite.


When she stood up to that girl I knew I was in love. I had always had a soft spot for her but I was blinded by popularity to see it. I was to caught up in what others thought to think about the drama she went through. That cow told her she was ugly and she didn’t cry about or didn’t even care. She stood up for herself. When we held hands sparks flew and when she kissed me on the cheek I was in heaven. We didn’t let go of each others hands until Nandos when I heard some one shouting


“Niall, mate there you are. We’ve been looking everywhere for you” I turned around and saw Louis and Harry

“Who’s this lovely lady care to introduce us to her?” Harry smiled flirtatiously I gripped her hand harder

“ Harry and Louis this is Lottie, Lottie this is Harry and Louis from my band” I say

“Pleased to meet you love” Louis says cheerfully

“How do you do?” Harry asks“I am fine what about you?” she replies

“Me too” he responds, “Have you met Zayn and Liam?”

“ No I haven’t” Lottie smiled

“Here they are” I butt in “Zayn, Liam over here”

“Oh there you are Niall!” Liam says

“Zayn and Liam meet Lottie an old friend Lottie this is Zayn and Liam”

“Hi” Lottie says

“Hello” Zayn and Liam chuckle

“Let’s go eat,” I shout

“Niall…” Zayn groans, “When do you ever not think about food?”

When I think about music and Lottie

“Never” I laugh, “let’s go!”

When we entered the restaurant and Nandos was packed (as usual)

The crowd went silent after 5 seconds of us entering Nandos. We made our way to the counter where a trembling waitress was stationed

“Hello can we order?” Louis grinned

“Y…yes May I take your order” she stuttered

“Ummm can I have the peri-peri chicken? Extra spicy” Zayn replied smoothly

“That sounds good I’ll have it but can I have it medium though” Harry winked

“ I’ll have the rice and chicken please,” Liam said

“Me too” Louis declared

“It all sounds so good… I’ll have the peri-peri chicken, rice and chicken” I added “what about you Lottie?”

“Could I please have… the…. Caesar salad?” she asks

“Coming right up” The waitress uttered

We wondered to a table and sat down we had about five seconds to actually start a conversation before a screaming girl came

“OMG I LOVE YOU GUYS!” she screamed

“Thank you we love you too.” Harry replied

She blushed automatically

“Sorry about screaming at you guys”

“Its okay” Louis answered

“Could you please sign my shirt?” she asks

“Of course!” Liam smiled

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